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Pokemon Teams

Has anyone ever make pokemon teams based on their plushies, figures, flats ect> I was talking to a friend of mine who is also into collecting pokemon items and he suggested that I should build a team in my game based on my plushies. I have around 60 plushies (some much bigger/smaller than others) and after deep thought my team I've thought of a team. ,

Vileplume - A lot of people seem to think just because I love Bellossom, they assume I hate Vileplume which makes me sad. One of my friends thought I was going to hate him for evolving his shiny gloom into a vileplume. I love Vileplume she's very strong and unique. I'm happy I won this plush at one of the auctions here. I also saw Projared's firered Nuzlocke challenge and Nuptup the Vileplume was brilliant.

Bellossom - She's my all-time favourite. I try to use her wherever I can in my team. Just looking or thinking about her makes me happy. In my headcannon for this team, Vileplume and Bellossom are lovers.

Blissey - I've always loved Blissey for her amazing special bulk and HP. Her move Softboiled saved me loads of time and I only had to use full restores on Blissey. Since writing Carry On, Blissey I feel as if I love Blissey more than ever and She will probally be nicknamed Matron.

Wigglytuff - Haven't really used her in the games before but I love her design. I've always ended up using Clefable over her. She will be Blissey's bff.

Twin Dewgongs - I got these in a lot on Ebay. When I saw them online I first thought one was Seal and the other was Dewgong. When I found out there were both Dewgong, I made a joke that one evolved during the shipping process, but know I say that they are twins!

I'm going to have fun with this team.
Tags: bellossom, blissey, dewgong, vileplume, wigglytuff
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