Joanna (banaa1212) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: Pikachu DX Pokedoll (preferably trade)

Hey all!
A while back I went to Nintendo World and made the mistake of not picking p a DX pikachu pokedoll. Ever since then I've really wanted one and regretted not getting it when I had a chance. Does anyone have one here on the comm they would be willing to part with? Does not need to have tags, but I would like it in nice condition.
I would really prefer to trade since I'm low on cash at the moment though I may be open to buying one depending on the price.
Here is my sales post:
I can do partial trades too.

(If this is your picture and you would like me to take it down please let me know =] I found it on google)

Thanks everyone!

Found one! I am still open to trades for things in my sales post, so feel free to post if you want to trade other plushies though =]
Tags: pikachu, pokedoll, wants
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