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Collection weeding sales

Hi everyone, I have some small collection weeding sales right now, please take a look~

I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 1/30/12, my feedback can be found here!

All pkmncollectors rules apply. If I feel uncomfortable selling to you for any reason, I have the right to decline. I will not sell to banned members.

Paypal ONLY!

I ship from Pennsylvania, USA within 1-3 days of payment. I will ship internationally but please ask for a quote first. Smoke free but pet friendly home - I have a cat and I do my best to keep her away from my collection. There is not any cat hair on my things. If you are severely allergic though, I would not purchase from me, sorry!

Please be clear if you are asking for a quote or committing! Commitment will get priority over a quote. If you commit to an item and pass, negative feedback will be left.

I am willing to do holds if you are comitted, but please be reasonable about it and pay on the day you agree to. If I hold something for you and you change your mind, negative feedback will be left.

I am not open to trades at this time, sorry!

Feel free to haggle if you want, but please understand if I decline your offer.

If you have any questions about anything, please do not be afraid to ask! ♥

I will always leave feedback for transactions!!!! Please do the same for me when you have received your item!! :D

Keldeo lottery strap - $10
Japanese Emolga pokedoll MWT - $16 SOLD
Unknown Piplup plush (no tush tag or hang tag, but I do not believe it's a boot leg?) $10 (WILL NEED A BOX TO SHIP!)
Piplup train figure thing? - $5

Pokemon gum pieces - 50 cents each or 3/$1 (Tepig not for sale)
Scraggy Nintendo World plush MWT - $10
Banpresto Zebstrika MWT - $15
Jakks Pidove - $3
Bouncy Pokeball - .50
Wobbufette pokball toy - $1
Small pokemon tupperware container - $5
Pikachu tomy - $3

Ensky XY pokemon cards - $2 each! (The one with Ash & Co not for sale, sorry!)

Backs up the above cards - the one with Flabebe is is not sale.

Pineapple chew battle card wrapper things? .25 Sylveon is .50
Sold: Sylveon

Scyther/Seaking stickers - .25 cents each
Pikachu and Spewpa wrappers - 25 cents each

Rares, all $2
Uncommon reverse holos (Hitmonchan, Inkay) $2
Full art Skamory - $7

Commons - 25 cents each or 5/$1

Uncommons - 50 cents each or 3/$1

Zoroa/Oshawott McD's card - $1 each
Large Zoroa/Celebi BW mall tour card - I am not sure how much to sell this for? I am open to offers!
Japanese cards, all 50 cents. The Rhydon and Machamp are holos, but are a bit beaten up.
(Ignore the wrappers, they can be found above if you are interested!)

Thanks for looking and have a great day :)
Tags: sales, tcg
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