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Gets ad Pokéthon Reminder!

I got some new gets! Also, Pokéthon, the Canadian Pokémon sub-convention I'm hosting, is next week! But first, gets!

 photo DSC03116_zps8bb3d29a.jpg
These are actually birthday gifts from way back in May. My friend got them for me because he knows I collect Pokemon and he's nerdy too, but none of them are Pokemon I like or collect, and aside from them being in shoddy condition, I'm pretty sure Gyarados is a bootleg. I don't really want them, so...what do you guys do with well-intentioned gifts you don't want?

 photo DSC03107_zpsbdb7e0c0.jpg
I've seen this bookmark in chaosoftwilight's sales for awhile, and as a big fan of both Pokemon Colosseum and Blaziken and bookmarks, I was tempted! It's a very neat piece of merch, and I'm tempted to get it laminated so I can use it without fear, but I'm not sure. XD; They also included a neat retro Charmander Burger King card!

 photo DSC03112_zps1bab66d5.jpg
I work at Toys R Us, and I managed to get one of the TCG boxes! Why, you may ask? Well...

 photo DSC03110_zps4ef5a455.jpg
Because of the female Meowstic, of course! I'm not sure what to do with it, though! I don't have a corkboard, nor do I hang things on my wall. Any suggestions for how to display this? I don't mind taking apart the box, I only care about this side!

Also, a reminder!
Pokethon v small photo PokethonLogoverysmall_zpsb1bc9e3b.png

Pokéthon is taking place August 22-24 in Montreal! Click the link to check out our Facebook page with info about different events. Along with a gaming tournament, TCG tournament, trivia contest and cosplay photo shoot, we will also have Gym Leaders you can battle all weekend and earn badges from! :D

I'm also hosting a panel on Pokémon collecting on Sunday at 2pm, so I hope to see you guys there!

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