kongorn (kongorn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few Pokedolls and Time Plush for Sale

Sales permission granted by allinia on 4/5/14
Please do not ask for a quote since items are listed shipped.
I come from a smoke free home.

_All community rules will apply_

I accept Paypal only
Prices include shipping and paypal fees and are in USD.
Once you are committed please pay within 24 hours or item will be put back for sale.
I do accept reasonable haggling, but no trades at this time. Don't be upset if I decline your offer.
I will leave negative feedback, if you back out of a sale once commited.

I ship from Oahu, HI via USPS
I will try to reuse packaging. Please let me know beforehand if this is an issue.
I won't be responsible for lost mail, once the item leaves my hands. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else please ask.
I can be a slow shipper sometimes. It just really depends on my work schedule for that week. Please take this into consideration!

ONLY US BUYERS AT THIS TIME. ADD 1 dollar if you want a Tracking number.

Note: If item is not listed under picture it has been sold. Some items came from lots, so if conditions is a major issue please ask for details or more pictures.

Pancham Pokedoll MWT 20 shipped
Shinx 2007 American Pokedoll MWT w/ S sticker (TAG has minor creases)
Shinx 2007 Japanese Pokedoll Tush Tag

ALL TAGS here are not in mint condition, mostly with minor imperfections ask for pictures if hang tag condition is an issue.

Snover Pokedoll 2007 MWT 35 Shipped
Mismagius Pokedoll 2007 MWT
Duskull Pokedoll 2009 MWT
Weavile Pokedoll 2009 MWT
Budew Pokedoll 2009 MWT
Lickilicky Pokedoll 2007 MWT 32 Shipped


Girantina Pokedoll 2010 American Tush Tag
GIratina Origin Form Pokedoll No Tags
Croagunk Pokedoll 2007 Japanese Tush Tag 25 Shipped

Pachirisu Shimmery Dx Pokedoll 2007 Tush Tag and Sticker inside of tag 70 Shipped OBO

Growlithe Time MWT
Farfetch'd Time MWT 30 Shipped
Dragoinair Time MWT 50 Shipped
Ponyta Time MWT 40 Shipped
Xatu Time MWT 25 Shipped
Pikachu Time MWT
Mawile Time MWT 22 Shipped
Sneasel Time MWT 22 Shipped
Squirtle Time MWT 18 Shipped (has very minor imperfection on left eyepaint, received it that way)

Tags: pokedoll, sales
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