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Epic get and multipost~

First off, look who I reunited ;)))))

imageArrrooooo!!!! I got mother F'ing Kojio X0 at last  I reunited my lovebirds <3(I'm a rocketshipper) words cannot describe how epic this is for me right now!!  I think these figures are just gorgeous! totally didn't push them together multiple times to make them kiss and act out my rocketshipping scenarios, nope not at all!

i also want  to take this chance to show off my team rocket collection so far, please click this which can be used as background music to really feel the epicness  \(^o^)/ *waves lighter in the air*


First off these amazing Korean stickers :D I decided to leave them mint~
Next up my Persian kid on top of these TR building blocks ^w^
Even more stickers!!!

Ah yes, my meowth DX with my meowth mpc, epic , just epic! (Meowth mpc is on my sales btw)
You just gotta love this tag art

All together :3
The team rocket cards were from pokabubu awhile back, the Persian on the top right was pulled by me, and the rest of the cards were from my best comm friend pkmnexcavation ^_^ I still love these!!!!

i was cleaning my room and found these pictures, the reason why I love Persian so much, my kitten Persian who got hit by a car :( my neighbor felt awful about it, the whole thing  was just a mess :/
imageGod she was so pretty ;-; sweet too! It was this cat who made me feel like a pokemon trainer for reals!  I remember getting red chalk and put a little dot on her forbead, ah I was stupid XD
imageOh yeah, I was making a strong sad face, I miss homestarrunner :/ Persian was making one to XD
No more tears, Persian is my guardian cat angel now! I can't wait to get a mega altaria, she will be my tribute to prissy :D I would do Blaziken, but that's more for roosters XD

imageAnd my mom thought it was all a phase, pfffff!!!! 14 years later and my love for pokemon is still strong!
Now for the multipost!

1 So if anyone has team rocket stuff show me!! I might buy ^^ I'm also looking for a latias pokedoll for 20 something,  I can't buy right this second but once I save up I can!

2 I'm running out of shelf space, is this a good or bad problem XD

3 does anyone else collect villain teams? I would love to see :D

4 like many members, I realized the special delivery pikachu is basically the train station pikachu :/ but with a bag and the opposite hand waving, so much for an exclusive new plush XP I'm still happy I got him though :) he is cute regardless! I'm really sorry for the ones who missed out, if you like I'll keep an eye out for one :)

image image

As always, sales link :)
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