Michelle (the Raifreak) (raifreak) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Michelle (the Raifreak)

Quick Collection Update!

I feel like I haven't posted here in forever! Anyway, a few new things...

New raichu!

I managed to scoop this up as soon as yutakayumi put it up for sale! I absolutely love him! Little (actually, quite big) sleepy raichu! He's a whopping 16" long not including tail! Anyway, like anyone else who owns one of her plush would tell you, this guy is amazingly well-made! I would definitely recommend snatching up a plush from her if you see one for sale. =) I love this chu and can't wait to get him home with my others!

This is a lovely commission I just got in the mail yesterday from bluetip_echelon ! I love this little Houndoom and he can't wait to join the others once I'm home!

Also, I received my Houndoom backpack fromkiraras_lemon but it's at my parents' house, so I have no pictures until I get back home. =(

Slightly out-of-date group shot of raichus! Hopefully I'll get an updated one soon!

Aaaaaand an even more out-of-date Houndoom one! Yay!


Tags: collection, houndoom, raichu
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