aaronmichaeld (aaronmichaeld) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Making shelves!

With all of the Pokedolls I've accumulated so far, I thought it would be more appropriate to give them a proper place to be displayed. I wanted each of them to have their own square (each square is roughly 7"x7") that fits them, but, of course, places like IKEA do not carry that type of shelf! I decided it probably would be better and cheaper if I went ahead and made my own. My dad and I built the shelves last week and now we're painting them today. I will show you all the final product once I've hung them up in my room and put my Pokedolls in them.

We'll be building 7 of them for a total of 63 squares (7 rows of 9)! I don't have 63 individual Pokedolls right now, but I've made a list of all of the ones I'd like to own. I'm about 1/3 of the way through my list.

How do you guys display your collection?
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