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Auction Reminder, Shipping Update, and New Pretties!~ (oh! and a request! :D)

Firstly - my Shining/Gold Star Mew auction ends tonight at midnight GMT (that's about 8 hours from now!) community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1765610.html  - Good Luck to anyone bidding, it's a beautiful card!~

Next - Safari Zone parcels were shipped today!:
megguendo , deadfishie , phaethon , zachary_sparkle , yaoi_queen  anddigimon_fan01  - expect goodies to arrive soon! ^-^

Now - the main part of my post - a collection update! This morning my Shining Raichu, SNap Pikachu and cute Pichu promo arrived (thanks so much seouldew and prguitarman ! ^-^ ) - I'm so pleased with them! It's now in my Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu folder with its friends - follow the cut to see them! ^-^

Type your cut contents here.


ooh - a request too! If you have any PIchu, Pikachu or Raichu cards which I don't have under the cut, and you're willing to sell/trade them, please let me know! I dont mind if they are English or Japanese - I'm just trying to collect one of each artwork!~ I'm a little short a the moment, so trades are preferable, but I'd definately be interested! ^-^

Last thing this post (I promise!) - int he next couple of days I'm going to be moving most of the Ex and Lv.X cards from safari-zone.livejournal.com onto ebay - so if you've had your eye on any, please let me know - I'm happy to haggle :D

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