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Sales and Collection update

So I've been lurking around here and now that I'm finally moved into college and situated, I bring you sales and an update! So first things first, My collection update and a grail get :D
My cubbies :D Excuse the snacks and deer skulls (I use those for drawing still lifes)


My newest additions: Latias marble, Latias charabottlin figure, and the clear sparkly tomy latios and Latias figures.


Newest additions: Lati bathsalt figure and Movie promo coin,

My little Xerneas collection :D

MY GRAIL GET!!! Fuzzy Latios tomy plush! Now I just need to find him a Latias <3

And onto THE SALES! Everything is pretty cheap, $1-$8 goodies :)
The Dirty Details:
- Sales permission granted by Allinia on 6/10/2014
- I will hold an item for 24 hours. Message me if you want to extend your hold!
- A shipping quote is not a HOLD or confirmation for buying. Please state if you are buying an item or not.
- I accept only paypal transactions only in US dollars.
About shipping:
- I ship on Fridays after payment is received (due to my classes at college) and I will notify you when your item is shipped. I ship from the US.
-I ship international, so please ask for a quote on shipping!
-If you want insured package or a tracking number please let me know as it may add to the cost of shipping.
- Packages can be sent in boxes, bubble mailers, or envelopes. Delicate pieces will be sent in boxes and securely packed for product safety.
- Please let me know when your item arrives and leave me a link to your feedback page and I will gladly exchange feedback with you!
Here is my feedback:
-If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)
Ex Dragon Fold outs. There are 4 available. Top row features the front and back art. Middle row features a list of cards. Bottom row features art of Flygon and Salamance. They are $2 each.
Ex Dragon fold out poster featuring Salamance. $2.

Charizard set. The card is slightly bent on the corners and slightly bowed. $8 for the lot.

All cards are $1!

Dugong and Exeggcute are legit Tomy figures. They have some scuffs on them. Charmander figure is unknown what it is. Figures $3 each.

Cardboard pieces of a display. Pictures printed on front and back. $2 each.

Bootie Latias figure. Has some scuffs. $4. Eleckid has some scuffs. $2. Suicune flat still in plastic. (possibly a sticker?) $1.

Marble Meowth bag has some wear and tear around the string top. $4. Marbles are $1 each.

DSC_1174Dodrio, Gloom, Chansey, Primeape, Drowzee, Ivysaur, Parasect, Grimer, Ekans, Magneton, Pidgey, Nidoran, Raichu, Rapidash.
Tags: absol, chansey, charizard, deoxys, dodrio, drowzee, ekans, elekid, exeggcute, flygon, gloom, grimer, hoppip, ivysaur, jigglypuff, latias, latios, magneton, meowth, nidoran, parasect, pidgey, primeape, raichu, rapidash, rayquaza, scizor, suicune, xerneas
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