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PokePlushProject - We need you!

Hey all!
The time has come - I need some help running the PokePlushProject. It's the largest Pokemon plush database on the net. It's an asset to the Pokemon collecting world, and is a great record of Pokemon plush history. The goal is to have documented as many plush as possible, and to find Pokemon plush that were previously thought inexistant. There is a homepage, and the database is run through Flickr.


Deadline for applications is closed

I am looking for a friendly, trustworthy individual who would be happy to donate some of their spare time to help me keep the PokePlushProject up, running, and updated. I'm currently running it on my own, and due to school, work, and commissions, I haven't had enough time to keep it updated.
The job is easy, fun, and very rewarding. It's a team effort to keep it running, so be willing to communicate through AIM/email as well.


*English language
*Computer/internet proficiency
*Attention to detail
*A love of Pokemon plush!

A plus:
*Image editing experience(brightness, contrast, levels, resizing) - Flickr has a tool for this if you do not
*Experience with Flickr


*Find high-quality(if possible) pictures of Pokemon plush not currently in the database
*Edit images and batch upload them into Flickr
*Organize images into collections and sets in Flickr
*Using PPP description format, type out information for each plush in Flickr using a template
*Go through PPP email and Flickr messages, add in extra pictures/information that viewers submit
*Be able to recognize duplicates in the database and delete extras


LJ Username:
Email address:
AIM: (If applicable)
What relevant experience/talents can you contribute?:
How long have you been a member of pkmncollectors?:
What other online communities are you apart of, and for how long? (Provide links to profiles):
How are you trustworthy?:
Why do you want to help out?:


Q: Do I get paid for this?
A: No, sorry. We make no money out of this, and it's for a good cause.

Q: How much time will it take?
A: Approximately 30-60 minutes a week. (Or more, if you'd like to spend time hunting down new plush or add Pikachus). I'd like to have updates about once a month - or more, if the helper is eager.

Q: I can't edit images/I'm not creative like that. Does that mean I can't apply? :(
A: Not at all! If you are unable to/not comfortable with editing images, I'll take care of it.

Q: I'm new here, but I'm a good person and really want to help out! Does that mean I can't apply? :(
A: You can apply anyway! All applications will be taken into consideration. I'm looking for someone trustworthy, so as long as you have been apart of some other communities, you should be fine.

Q: I really want the part but what if I don't get it?
A: If the person I select loses interest or changes their mind, there will be a "backup" list :D

Q: I want to help but don't want to make that sort of commitment.
A: Then applying probably isn't for you. We welcome and appreciate images and information of Pokemon plush that are not currently in the database.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to this post :D

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