kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sprite art frames - any interest?

Hello all - long time no see! I'm much more of a lurker these days but still collect Pokedolls!


My husband and I have been producing art frames based on sprites for friends recently, and I wondered if there would be any interest in them here. The sprites are 3D printed to give them depth, then hand painted and set against a 2D background and framed :) This Charizard is our most recent one:


There are some more examples under the cut :)


Apologues for the non Pokemon ones, I forgot to take seperwte photos before they went to new homes ;_;


If people were interested we could take commissions for them - I've got sales permission and can do any Pokemon sprite/background combination. Price wise they would be $35 each without shipping (although we may be able to look into doing a slightly cheaper version without glass in the frame).


Let me know what you think! :)


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