ginee (kirakiri) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hiii im new!

Hellloo! I've recently become a member of this lovely community :)
I'm gin and I hail from canada, land of the igloos. I adore umbreon and ampharos.

My hobbies include the art of spending lots of moneys at the pokemon center in japan ¦D

First thing I saw when I stepped into the Osaka pokemon center

A ufo machine with lots of pokemon at dotonbori. i'm quite terrible with these machines so i didn't actually try to get any myself :(

I was in japan during the world cup so there were world cup pikachus everywhere :D

Visiting one pokemon center is obviously not enough, i also went to the one in tokyo. This is the entrance of the tokyo store :D

The petit plushs were so cute, i only bought about four haha.

Pokemon chopsticks. I'm now the proud owner of about five pairs :P

After i was done with the tokyo pokemon center.

Okay. So in the end I went to three different pokemon centers. This is the other Tokyo store in odaiba.

Here's my little army of umbreons so far :D a big thank you to a certain member of this community for getting them for me ♡

I'm also on the lookout for a reasonably priced umbreon canvas plushie! Lemme know if you have one for sale please :D
Tags: umbreon
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