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It is time!!! Honedge line collection!

Hello there guys!
There is one thing I have been waiting for really long...


...and that is finally showing off my absolute favourite line from Generation 6, which is Honedge line! After being able to find so many items and having to wait for my items to arrive to me, here it is finally!

Now, how in heck did I come to this line and decided to love them so much? Let me tell you, there are several reasons!

1. Most of the time, when a new generation comes out, I always love to try out some new Pokemon, which is a basic thing that many people do for sure.

2. When Fairy-type was announced as a new type to the XY games, the first thing I thought to myself: "Hmm, many people are going to try and play with fairy type Pokemon...I need some Pokemon that will be effective against them!" We know that Poison and Steel is super effective against Fairy type, so when I looked into all the new available Pokemon, only Skrelp and Honedge line were strong against fairies type wise, so I can say that in this case, Honedge line was my natural pick (my love wasn't as big for them as now, the first thing I thought when I saw Honedge: "Hey, that looks like a pretty cool Pokemon! I might use it!). This isn't all though!

3. I am not sure why, but I sometimes am fascinated by "unique type combinations". I wasn't that much interested in them until Generation 5 though (and that's why I love Joltik, Sandile and Litwick lines and have collections of them). I am, however, also picky about them, because there are many of those kind. Steel/Ghost also fascinated me, because Fighting type movies are 0x, which as Steel type would be usually 2x.

4. Designs. The more and more I have played with my Honedge, which is not a lvl 100 Aegislash, the more I have loved all designs! I find it also a little sad that Honedge and Doubalde are loved by their designs, but Aegi not so much. I can say that I love them all the same way! This is also how I grew to love them so much, it was a process, not a love at first sight.

5. There are a lot of other simple reasons, for example that Aegi is a BEAST in battling. No regrets. Or Amie. How in the hell do they eat those pokepuffs? HOW??? I find it hilarious how they eat, there are even some rare cases like Shedinja that doesn't eat, but these swords do...screw video game logic.

I think that's enough of my blabbering, because I could go on why I like them so much, but I don't want to bore you to death :'D
So here we go! My collection of merchandise that have searched high and low through YJ, Amazon JP, Rakuten and other sites!

honedge spriteHONEDGEhonedge sprite

Takara TOMY Moncollé figure - This is so far the most beautiful Honedge figure ever made. It has beautiful details, and not only that, it gets it's special treatment by being able to remove his scabbard! How awesome is that??

Honedge kids figure - Surprisingly, this kids figure seems so be bigger than most of the other kids! For a kid, I think it has a very nice detail to it! Now I have to wait for Doublade and Aegi kids!

Honedge metal figures - These were the most painful things to get, but I made it and got all 4 variants of Honedge metal figures!!! From left to right: bronze/copper, silver, gold and brass! Each figure came with it's own little cute box and paper insert!

Pokemon Center Phone drawstring pouch - A phone case with a Honedge included! This is the most adorable phone case I have ever seen!! I was looking forward to getting this when I saw it on Amazon Japan. It was immediately sold out on the first day, which made me panic. However, a few days after, it was re-listed and in stock, so it made me very happy! I have learned from this that I should preorder and not wait until it is released!

Pokemon Center cute pouch - Another super cute pouch with Honedge by the Pokemon Center! The pattern is the same like on the phone case, but the other side includes a picture of the Kalos region with another bunch of Pokemon! A super cute pouch, recommend it to anyone!

Pokemon XY 3DS LL/XL Hard Cover with Honedge - This beauty I was able to find by randomly searching through another shopping site (Pokevault). I was SO HAPPY to find something with Honedge that is not a flat! I was thinking about waiting a little, when I found this case for a great price on Amazon Japan! Instant buy for me then! Now it's proudly sitting in my collection!

Pokemon XY 2014 calender from the Pokemon Center - This was a hit or miss get! I was hoping to find some Honedge line on there, and here they are! Honedge was included in May and October (how fitting for Halloween, since he is part ghost)! Even if any of the Honedge line wasn't there, I would still be happy nonetheless, look at the wonderful quality of this calender!! It's absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy I risked it and got it! This calender sits happily next to our family's computer!

Pokemon Center notebook - Look at this gorgeous notebook I was able to get through eBay!!! I am really in love with not only the pattern, but the creative backgrounds added to each Pokemon! Honedge has it's own lovely one!

Pokemon Trozei notebook - This is a lovely and very well made Trozei notebook with a Honedge on the back side that I was able to find randomly when searching for some other merchandise! This notebook was pretty much an instant get!

Pokemon Center Trozei pencil case - As far as I remember, these pretty Trozei cases were given out in a raffle at the Pokemon Center and could not be purchased. I was able to snag and hoping to see some of my favourite Pokemon in there, and there it was! The clear case has Honedge (in between Scraggy and Mime Jr.) and it even has a bunch of other Pokemon I love!

Pokemon Center Trozei Jigsaw Puzzle - A very lovely Jigsaw puzzle with a Honedge that I got on Amazon Japan and couldn't pass on!! It even includes a bunch of other Pokemon that I love!

Pokemon the Movie Jigsaw puzzle with Honedge - This was a tiny bit more expensive, but I had to have it!! The puzzle itself is very high quality and I am happy that I got it! All worth the money!

Pokemon World Championship 2014 merchandise - As you can see, two Honedges were included in the official art, which means a lot of merchandise that came out!
Now the screen cleaner, lanyard, shirt and hats didn't have those Honedges on them (and obviously Pika plush).
The playmat, drawstring bag/backpack, deck box, notebook and drawstring bag/pouch for dice (or 3DS) had all of those, which I was able to get thanks to two people on this community!
I do not have them in possession yet, but once I do, I will update my collection site with them! <3

honedge spriteFLATShonedge sprite

Honedge clearfile

Pokemon Center clearfile

Sticker sheet with Honedge

Trozei sticker

Honedge sticker from a Pokemon candy package

Honedge UNO card

Honedge TCG cards - Honedge has many more TCG cards, which I am expecting in the mail! If you have some in other languages, please let me know!

Pokemon the Movie poster from McDonald's

Pokemon the Movie NAMCO clearfile

KIDS STATION Pokemon the Movie clearfile

KIDS STATION Pokemon the Movie clearfile 2
These two clearfiles are different not only to the logo being on other places of the back, but also they differ by sizes a little!

Various official Korean sticker sheets with Honedge on them (getting more!)

honedge spriteCUSTOMShonedge sprite

Wood Honedge by GothLyfe on Etsy - Look at this PERFECTION!!!! I came to this custom through tumblr. I never really search much through Etsy or other similar sites, so this was just a lucky find thanks to tumblr. I absolutely have no regrets, this wood Honedge is nothing but perfectly made custom that I would recommend to anybody! Honedge can be even seaparated from his scabbard, how cool is that??

doublade spriteDOUBLADEdoublade sprite

Pokemon Center notebook - Look at this gorgeous notebook that includes even a Doublade! It is so nice and colorful!

doublade spriteKOKESHI POKEMON CENTER PROMOTIONdoublade sprite

Might I add that this is the most beautiful Pokemon Center promotion I have seen so far?? This promotion includes a bunch of my favourite Pokemon, including a design of Doublade, not to mention that I really love Japanese style clothes and other items!! I can say that Doublade didn't get as much merchandise as Honedge and Aegislash did so far, so this promotion with him made me very happy! I was able to get I am pretty sure all of the merchandise that includes Doublade on them! Here is all the merchandise I was able to get!

Kokeshi promotional pin - I have totally underestimated these pins, as I didn't know these would be only available in capsule machines, I thought they would be random pins in packages that you can pick up at the store, turns out to be different! This Doublade pin wasn't that hard to get, as it seems to be one of the less popular ones! Still, I am happy he was included in the pin set, because it is made of metal and it's very high quality! So happy to have this one!

Kokeshi tea cup - This very high quality ceramic tea cup might be my absolute favourite item from this promotion! I am a sucker for tea and I drink tea almost every day, so this cup is an instant love!

Kokeshi shoulder bag

Kokeshi fan

Kokeshi long towel with Doublade

Square Kokeshi towel with Doublade

Kokeshi handtowel with Doublade

Kokeshi pouch with Doublade

Kokeshi drawstring bag with Doublade

Kokeshi New Year's letter set with Doublade

Kokeshi clearfile set

doublade spriteFLATSdoublade sprite

Doublade clearfile

Pokemon Center clearfile with Doublade

Doublade TCG cards


Pokemon the Movie XY fabric in blue & black with Aegislash

Diancie movie pencil case from Pokemon Center

Pokemon Diancie movie pencil set with Aegislash

Aegislash tretta coins


Aegislash clearfile

Aegislash TCG cards (getting the STAFF card and other versions of the first)


Aegislash custom plush by rens-twin on DeviantArt - I have already posted about this beauty earlier, this guy has fully poseable arms, which also means that I can change to his two forms!!! Absolutely beautiful and amazing!!! (I forgot to add this guy to my collection site, will do so later!)

honedge spritedoublade spriteMIX OF ALL

Honedge line zukan

Honedge line Dex charms

XY dice with all swords included

Honedge line movie keychains

Pokemon book from McDonald's with Honedge line included

honedge spritedoublade spriteFLATS

Diancie movie clearfile

Diancie movie pencil board

Stamp Rally Honedge line stamped stamps - This is one of my rarest Honedge line items I was able to get!!! I can't even believe it still that I was able to get these!!!! These stamps come from a stamp rally in 7-11 I believe, and you collect these stamps to win a prize? Well anyways, after 7-11 announced the list of Pokemon that you can stamp on the sheet, I was so happy to see the Honedge line in there, but then I thought how difficult or next to impossible it would be to have at least the real pictures of their stamps. Boy, was I wrong! I was able to find an auction on Yahoo Japan with this sheet and it EVEN included all three swords in it! I stayed at my computer, watching the auction and willing to pay a lot of money for these!! In the end, I won it for the starting price, lucky me!!

Pan stickers

Tiny capsule stickers

Glittery Amada stickers - The scanner couldn't scan their beauty, so I added a photo of Honedge holding in my hand how nicely it glitters!

Honedge line poker cards 2013

Honedge line poker cards 2014

Zukan set 03 sheet from capsule/Gashapon machine

honedge spritedoublade spriteCUSTOMS

Honedge Pokemon Time style pouch by slothyshroom - Slothyshroom made the decision to make Pokemon Time style pouches of every line from Generation 6, which also included my favourite ghost sword line!! You can't even imagine how excited I was to see them, so the pouch was an instant buy!! The pouch itself is made of very high quality material and I cannot even express how beautifully she made them!! The charms are made of shrinky dinks, which look absolutely wonderful as well!!!

This is all to what I own of the Honedge line so far! I am always looking for more merchandise, so if you have something I don't, let me know please!! I am also looking for TCG cards in other languages!!

Please take a look at my collection site dedicated to my ghost swords as well!

http://ghostswords.weebly.com/ or click on the banner to go to the site!

Also, a very huge thank you to these people: kidgengar, hawlucha, princess_snivy, midnitesilven, mitchichen and other people that were supporting me in my collections and willing to sell me, middleman some Honedge line items for me or overall help me out! Thank you so much guys <333

Also, I need help with this and translate something:

I have gotten myself this flyer to see if there is anything ghost swords related, and there is!!

Can somebody translate what's in the green bubble for me? Because..

I think it's some merchandise with the ghost swords on them (second has Honedge, fourth has Doublade and last has Aegislash), they look like they might be mini clearfiles? they are STICKERS! Thank you! If they are, can somebody help me picking up these, or where I could find them on YJ/Rakuten? Thank you in advance!

That is all from me, thank you so very much for taking a look at my collection! It's actually thanks to this community that I could expand my collection this much, so thank you so very much! <33
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