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Show me your Jumbo Pokemon plush! And entertaining Offers for Giant Tomy Darkrai

So my first and second 'giant' Pokemon plush aren't that giant at all... But when I first got them, they were! Both were gotten in 2012~

A MWT Pokemon Time Wailord and a Recalled Kyogre!

The next two were a BIG surprise. I got them off YJ, and assumed they were small as there was no marker or measuring can next to them. Also, since I got them for really cheap, I was expecting somehting small.

They came as a set and they're HUGE. They're the TOMY Plush! I know there's a Giratina also floating around somewhere, but I'm not too inclined to find it. These two were also from 2012!
If you look next to Dialga, you see my Subbies from the 2013 Promo~

The next one was also a case of 'I dont know how big this is, but it was cheap so it must be small'. I was WRONG AGAIN.

Another giant TOMY!
Later I got the Mini Darkrai in a GA when the new years dollhouse came out, and I think they're really cute together, no?

Last, but certainly not least, is something I thought very hard on, as it was my first huge pokemon DELIBERATE purchase since Wailord and Kyogre in 2012.
Meguka the Magikarp!

I love her lots, but not as much as my friends. I think she gets more attention than I do when they come over...

As mentioned, as much as I love Darkrai, I'm tryna get some money for things and am cutting down alot of my collection, starting with things that I bought on a whim, or just ended u Would prefer to sell Mom and Kid Darkrai as a pair ;w;'
Offers around $100 please! Note that this guy is HEAVY and may be pricey to ship out

Sales Permission Granted April 2012 by Entirelycliched.
Feedback is here!

As always, my storenvy is still up and running, so take a look! Shipping from Australia, so things will be cheaper for domestic buyers ;w;''

Click the pic or this link!

And last up, I'm looking for a Sigilyph Kid to Australia!
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