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Sales Post!!!

Updated Sales Post, New Items and Lower Prices!

I ship internationaly The postage and package will depend on where you are.
I only accept Paypal Sorry.
I will hold for 24 hours only.

My feedback thread is here:

Now that that's over let's begin...


Habro Plushies 1999, all in good condition. Tush tags only.
$3.50 each
SOLD: Slowking, Pidgeotto, Bellossom

BK Toys, good condition.
Slowpoke to pokeball plush, good condition.
BK toys $1.00 each
Slowpoke $3.00
SOLD: Zubat and Goldbat.

Gastly Money Box, Base Glows In The Dark.

Pokemon Roller Ball Stamps. All work perfectly, hardly used. Rare.
Don't really want to seperate.
$6.00 for the set

Old Tomy Figures, good condition.
$2.00 each

Mis. Figures, Good condition.
$1.00 each.

Mini Figures, makuhita and pelipper are pencil toppers. Good Condition.
$1.00 each
SOLD: Chansey, Jigglypuff, Eevee

Old Marbles. Good Condition.
$1.00 each.

More Figures.
All $2.00 but Mewtwo is $3.00
The light-up keyrings... don't light up.

Flat Stuff

$1.00 Each

Pogs of Pokemon.
$0.50 each
Ash is $1.50

Flip Cards.
$1.50 each

Turtwig Family Pack. Including Shiny Torterra.

Random Cards. All in good condition.

Gym Leader Cards $1.50 each
Holo Topps and Darkness Energy $1.00 each

Pokemon Stickers out of bubblegum. They are the size of pokemon cards-ish.
Shiny $1.00 each.
Non-Shiny $0.50 each.
SOLD: Pineco, Ursaring, Skarmory, Gligar, Sudowoodo.

Topps Cards, Slightly worn.
SOLD: Ponyta, Ninetails.

Different Stickers from other bubblegum.
$1.00 each
SOLD: Sunkern and Furret

Mis. Stickers
$0.50 each
SOLD: Meowth, Voltorb.
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