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Pokemon Petit Backpack! <3

I have eagerly been waiting my backpack to get here, and it did today!! Many, many thanks to allinia for doing pick ups for them!!

I thought I would do a little review of mine so others will have a better idea of how big they are.

So here's my backpack. I didn't request any specific pokemon to be 'featured' or anything because I honestly didn't care, but I couldn't be happier with what I got! Tepig, Arcanine, Raichu and Lapras, some of my faves, all have prime spots!! <3

I decided to decorate mine with some charms I bought from the promotion a while back. I had bought them to display with my collection, but they have just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust, so why not? I also recently ordered the Sylveon and Charizard With You pins to go on it, too. I love personalizing my stuff :D I'm probably going to end up buying more With You pins slowly, the lining along the front pocket is perfect to display them. It's like taking your pokemon partners everywhere you go (and the proceeds go to a great cause!) :D I need to rebuy some of the keychains and things in my Mega Charizard X collection and have them on my bag, too ^^

Here is the inside of the front pocket, with my wallet for a reference.


Here is the inside, with Scraggy for reference. It is actually folded up a tiny bit at the bottom so it could be flattened during shipping, but it opens up bigger than I thought.

One of the sides

and the other side

I am pretty tall (about 5'9) and the L backpack fits me perfectly fine. The straps are very easy to adjust. I always liked my backpacks super loose so I made them as large as it would go and it's really comfy.

The bottom is made of VERY soft felt-y material, and it looks pretty strong and durable too! The backpack itself is a bit thin, so I wouldn't load it up TOO much with textbooks, etc. It is all made of a really nice canvas material. The material over the front pocket 'flips' up and down to protect the zipper from sliding/creepers from having easy access to your pocket. I already made the mistake of leaving it flipped up when I went out this morning with it - it'll stay up so much sure you flip it back down!

Overall, I could not be happier with this. It is one of my favorite items in my collection, and even better, I can take it with me everywhere!!! Some spots are a lighter color, so I do worry about it getting dirty, but since it's a canvas material it will probably clean up just fine without much effort. I can't wait to get more charms and things to decorate it with. I wish there were more zippers on it for that, but oh well XD; Plenty of room for pins and stuff though.

Not to mention, I love that no two are exactly alike. Every pattern on them is different! They all have the same pokemon and pattern of course, but the pattern is spread differently on all of them. I highly recommend it <3
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