aaronmichaeld (aaronmichaeld) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update & legitimacy check!

I'm here to update you all on my Pokedoll collection. It has grown quite a bit, and I'm sure you all would like to see! I think since last time, I've acquired 7 more Pokedolls (plus a Substitute), which you can all see under the cut below. The last picture includes the shiny Ditto I caught two days ago as filler.


I'm also here to show you some pictures of a Munchlax Pokedoll I have ordered off of eBay. This seller is located in Washington and had stated that they have a connection with a distributor of the Pokemon Center kiosks. I was skeptical, but decided to go ahead and see what would happen because it was less than ordering from pokemoncenter.com! I think it looks pretty real to me, but let me know what you guys think.


*Umbreon and Piplup came from neeko48
*Shinx came from kongorn
*Substitute came from helloskitty
*Litwick and Celebi came from the Pokemon Center kiosk at Northgate Mall
*Treecko came from the Pokemon Center kiosk at Southcenter Mall
*All other Pokedolls came from various trusted sources
Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, celebi, charizard, charmander, chikorita, chimchar, darkrai, ditto, genesect, litwick, mewtwo, munchlax, oshawott, piplup, rotom, shinx, tepig, totodile, treecko, umbreon, zoroark
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