Splash (splash) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some gets :D

Hee my animal plush pile grew a bit this week :D

The Osaka Anniversary Pikachu was in the lot with the additional legendaries, oh gosh it's such a great big nice quality Pikachu ahhh I love it........ XD~ But debating whether to keep him or not.

Some day I will organize my Weebly legendaries page much better, right now it's just a hodgepodge of random pics XD;

I did end up with a pretty big haul of gets this week, including a whole ton of Pichu items like this music box and mystery action TOMY figure:

Anybody have more information about these? I found this video of the music box playing that matches the one I have. And even though I can read Japanese, I couldn't really figure out the Pichu after reading the instructions lol. But it's really cute.

Once again my Wants list has been updated a bit and I've added a ton of items for trade while I'm at it!! Please check it out :D
Tags: collection, collection update, entei, pichu, raikou, suicune, trading, wants
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