Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping Update, Updated Sales Thread, and Hindsight

Everything will be mailed on Friday - sorry for the delay. ^_^; I'm not able to leave the house since I've got something important coming that I need to sign for, and Jer's got meetings until Friday, so I can't get him to do it for me.

After some more thought, I've also updated my sales thread. You may haggle, but I probably won't accept much less than I am asking. ^_^;

(Here's a teaser - LOTS of Shaymin.)


I've decided just because I may like a particular pokemon a lot, I don't need to get everything of it. I can't afford it, and being a college student isn't really conducive to such obsessive collecting. I will get what I really like, but not feel 'required' (of myself), to have it all. It's not really possible for some pokemon, anyway unless you live in Japan and have LOTS of monies. Either way, a poor pre-vet/med student can't afford such a lifestyle at the moment. XD;

I found I was getting merchandise just to have it, since it had a pokemon I liked on it, regardless if I actually liked said merchandise or not. The OCD part of me says 'MUST HAVE IT ALL,' but it's just gotten to be too much financially and don't call me lame, but emotionally?

Having said this, have you guys ever changed 'what level' to collect things on after some thought? I'm really putting my foot down for me about this one, and I think it's for the good. I've also got other hobbies I enjoy, and if I want to keep up with those too, I can't spend it all on pokeymanz. ;_;

If you have changed how you collect, why did you change? (I know I'm not alone in this, or at least I hope I'm not. XD;)

This isn't to say I'll be any less of a devoted collector, or have any less enthusiasm for Pokemon - I just need to be realistic. D:
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