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Lots of gets (2 semi-grails) + 2 Framing + Shiny shelf new display EDIT: Slowpoke song <3

I'm wondering why I always decide to post when I'm falling asleep lol

Anyway, before we start, here is a preview of the 2 semi-grails o/

Normal type. I think it's one of my favorite MPC set <3
I like Pink, I like Pets, so I love this Pink & Pets set ^^
Don't you think these Panchams look like Snorlax's bodyguards ? lol
Besides, even if I love this guy so much, I won't keep them both. So, one is available in my sales post o/

They are very nice. But I didn't realize Aegislash was so big: O
Mega Venusaur is probably my favorite even if I'm still disappointed by the fact he is at 1/45 scale instead of 1/40. What's the interest of collecting Zukan if they are not all at the same scale? lol Anyway, I hope we'll get a set with Mega Charizard Y and Male Pyroar soon ;)

Don't hesitate to take a look at my website for better pictures of these "chess pieces" because the weather was not really nice when I took those groups pictures :/
I really appreciate that kind of figures with stylized poses (like the bottle caps). I ended with three doubles (Skitty, Mudkip and Kyogre) so check my sales if you're interested :) The Jumbo card with Pikachu is also up for sale.

OMG too much cuteness *O*
Lapras is awesome and Charizard so cute (especially in this pose :3). I really don't understand why I didn't liked him at first :o
I also fell in love with Volcarona, beautiful <3
But the star is of course the first semi-grail: Umbreon Canvas !!! My first Eeveelution Canvas and somehow a moment of madness haha But I do not regret at all, it is adorable: 3

I wasn't able to resist to these cute Pikachu, once again (> <). Besides, the towel will be used as protection for my -Chus shelf (when it will be made lol).
I've always liked Snubbull, so now that it's a Fairy I love it even more :3 (a Fairy/Pink shelf is planned to be made too, haha).
And finally the little centerpiece of this package: Charizard shopper bag. It is the same size as the Rayquaza bag and I found a frame the same size that I painted in black too. So now I only need a red background to make a nice little diptych o/

By talking about framing, I've finally framed the poster I bought at Pokémon Center Paris :)

I also decided to frame this "Year of Dragon" clearfile folder.
Honestly, I didn't think it would be so beautiful *O* I'm in love with it now <3

This decorative momentum pushed me to gather all my Shiny Pokémon plushies and figures together <3
It allowed me to get some free space for other figures ^^

And finally, let's end with my second semi-grail
Darkrai 2007 Ichiban Kuji Lottery prize
This statue is absolutely Gorgeous and above all HUGE!!! (about 40cm high). Just to give you an idea, Ichiban Kuji Reshiram and Zekrom statues which were my biggest ones are half high xD
I know where I want to display it (my Dark/Ghost/Poison/Evil space mwahaha) and how to protect it (plexiglass showcase), but I have no extra money for shelves and so on at the moment. Thus its box still remains the safest place for now :3 (that's why I don't have unboxed pictures this time).

That's it!
Thank you for reading :3

EDIT: OMG Have you seen it ?

That made my day xD

Take a look at my collection website for more pictures:

I also have a Fb collection page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And don't forget to check my sales o/
(lots of dicounts)
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