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Pokemon Worlds & Symphony Gets!

Hi, everybody! I think I have finally recovered from Pokemon Worlds last weekend. It was the first time an event like this had ever come close to me, and the fact that it was literally a 30-minute train ride for me made it a must-see event.


Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions
On Friday, I went to the Pkmncollectors Meetup before the Symphony. That was loads of fun and everyone was really nice. I brought my substitute plush and several other friends like Pilotchu plush and keychain (won them off auction) and the Japanese Xerneas Pokedoll (purchased from denkimouse).

On the balcony level, there were fun drinks to purchase at the event!
I purchased "The Pikachu. It's basically "The Raichu," but they substitute the vodka for Sprite. (Ha.) It was really nice!
The Friday concert sold out, so it was packed! I sat in the front row, right in front of the conductor. A giant line formed right before the show and during intermission for a YouTube celebrity. The line formed so quickly during intermission and was so long that I could not leave my seat. However, I was lucky enough to see the poke ball that the conductor punted into the audience up close! The person that caught it (well, his mom caught it), was about eight years old. I ran into him and his mom about four times over the course of the weekend and he was really cute and polite. (He was actually running up to talk to me! He asked me if I remembered him, haha.) Thanks for letting me photograph your beach ball, Antonio! It's signed by Junichi Masuda, Ed Kasses (President of Princeton Entertainment), Chad Seiter (composer), Susie Benchasil Seiter (conductor) and Jeron Moore (producer).
There wasn't much in the form of merchandise, but I purchased two t-shirts and a black poster. I went back and forth on the poster choice, but I couldn't resist the Bulbasaur playing the string bass (I play violin and cello), so I went with the orchestral poster. It's too bad we weren't able to get them signed, but I opted to keep my poster anyway. It's a nice poster, but I doubt I will ever hang it up due to its size. I guess I should invest in a poster tube until I find someone to sign it. Haha.

Just a word of caution to those looking for a shirt: the t-shirts are huge! They are at least a size bigger than your standard US shirt and have a bit of additional stretch. I really wasn't sure what would happen when I washed it. It didn't really shrink at all (of course, I air dry most of my clothes).

I wound up wearing the shirt on Sunday as a tunic over a grey sweater (which is really a super long men's sweater I use as a tunic, go figure). I don't plan to wear it much, but it's a humongous shirt. At least it holds up in the wash well and it's very soft.

Pokemon Worlds Goods
I got in line for goods around 7:30-7:45, but there was already a huge line. I also didn't realize that there were two lines wrapping around the building until I got to the front door of the convention center. Anyway, I waited in the line for about 3 hours. The hats and play mats (darn!) were already sold out by the time I got inside, around 11AM. Luckily, everything else was still available! I didn't realize how nice the dice bags were until I saw them in person and the Pikachu was so cute! I went through all of them to find one I really liked.

The shop carried the Pokemon Petit keychains, the Xerneas and Yveltal poke dolls, some t-shirts, the Pikachu Spiral Notebook and iPhone case you can buy on the Pokemon Center website and an iPhone case with the starters. I also saw Inkay and the large final evolution starter plush. I almost went for the Greninja myself, but it's likely I will make it up to Nintendo World again very soon, so I passed on it. They didn't have limits on Pokemon Center merchandise, but Worlds goods were only one per person.
I found someone walking around the Pokemon Store who had purchased a play mat and they let me take a photo. So nice!
Getting back in line was a no-go. It was still a three-hour wait, so I opted to go back later. Instead, I left and grabbed a filling lunch at Panera with Superchu to rest and go through the Mii Plaza games. When I saw the logo, I wasn't sure how the Pikachu would be executed. I still don't understand what this Pikachu has to do with DC, considering this is where the federal government resides. Nonetheless, he is really cool. My parents made fun of Superchu later when I brought him home (because, as my dad said, he looks like he's flipping someone off, haha).
On Sunday morning, I ran into denkimouse on the train and we waited in the autographs line with midnitesilven, okapifeathers and other Pkmncollectors members. I got to meet Junichi Masuda and Hironobu Yoshida! That was lots of fun. I had Yoshida sign my copy of X and Masuda signed my X&Y Super Music Collection. Masuda said, "Oooh!" When he saw it. Maybe I was the first one in the line to bring it? I was debating if he should sign my copy of Pokemon Blue or the X&Y soundtrack, but I think I ultimately made the better choice. (It was also cool to have him sign something with his photo on it!)
The weekend was extremely long and tiring, but I survived! I got a nice haul this weekend. Also, a big thanks to okapifeathers for selling me the drawstring backpack! It's really nice quality. I have the backpack from the Pokemon B2W2 event at NYCC and it's way nicer than that.

I did eventually make it back to grab a few more items. They even restocked lanyards later on Saturday, so I swapped my opened lanyard (originally, I bought one from the checkout area) for one in plastic and purchased another. Haha. By Sunday, everything was gone except notebooks and deck boxes (and there was no line to get inside). They let us purchase as many notebooks as we wanted by that point, so I picked up an extra.

Pokemon Weekend Collection Additions
Pokemon Worlds 2014 Spiral Notebook
Pokemon Worlds 2014 Pikachu Plush
Pokemon Worlds 2014 Dice Bag
Pokemon Worlds 2014 Screen Cleaner
Pokemon Worlds 2014 T-Shirt
Pokemon Worlds 2014 Deck Box
Pokemon Worlds 2014 Drawstring Backpack (purchased from okapifeathers)
Pokemon X (Signed by Hironobu Yoshida)
Pokemon X&Y Super Music Collection (Signed by Junichi Masuda)
Pokemon Center USA Flyer
Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions T-Shirt
Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions Black Poster

The weekend was so much fun. I met a lot of fans from many places (finally got to play Pokemon Battle Trozei in multiplayer and added some new folks to my Friend Safari), and saw a lot of cool Pokemon goods in person. (I spotted at least two Pokemomo backpacks and a few Pokemon Petit backpacks and hats from the most recent one! Someone also had a large Substitute plush.)

If you went, did you see any cool Pokemon merchandise on people? Did you bring anything interesting along?
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