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Eevee Collection Stamps and Updated Sales!!

Updated Sales w/ New Items.

Sale's Policies:
- I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.
- Unless otherwise noted, shipping is not included in the price. Shipping starts at 3$.
- Kuji items are new from a smoke free and pet free home.
- I accept Paypal. Prices are in USD.
- I ship from Japan. Any fees imposed by customs are the responsibility of the buyer. I mark items as merchandise on the custom form.
- Items are first come, first served. Please commit to an item by stating you're committed. I offer holds.
- Please please do not contact me for sales inquiries via PM. PM inquiries for sales will most likely be ignored. Sorry!
- Click on the picture to view the larger image.
- Please feel free to make an offer. Please include in your offer if that would include shipping as well. I can be very flexible.

My pulls for these were terrible! Out of 3 boxes, I didn't even get a full set and I actually got 5 Xerneas from one box! I have put the ratio next to the figure name so in case anyone was interested. I have one more box of figures and those are available as blind figures. It was a lot easier to get a Fennekin than I thought but I'm still kinda bummed I can't even have a full set and I don't want to open anymore boxes because I already have almost a kilo of chocolate already from these.
Chocolate Egg Figures (figure numbers edited 9.1 - I included quotes, too, so figures may still be available even if I show a figure being struck out.):
(1 1/30) Chespin 5$
(2 1/6) Fennekin 6$
(3 1/30) Froakie 4$
(4 1/30) Pikachu x1 5$
(5 1/15) Pancham x1 6$
(6 1/30) Dedenne 5$
(7 0/30) Shedinja
(8 1/10) Zigzagoon x1 6$
(9 1/10) Slowpoke x1 5$
(10 4/15) Xerneas x5 5$
(11 1/15) Yveltal 5$
(Secret) Mega Blaziken
Blind Box 4$ each

Please specifiy if you'd like the box included with your figure, the capsule, or just the figure. Except for blind boxes, any boxes included will be flattened for shipping. I will also offer a discount if you buy multiple of these.
Lottery Goods:


Leisure Sheet (C-Prize) - 10$
Pouches (G-Prize) - 6$ MegaEvos not available
Towel (H-Prize) - 7$ Electric Type not available
Interactive Figure (I-Prize) - 7$ Some of the boxes were dented during transit, so please keep that in mind. I will also collapse the box for shipping. Charizard and Froakie and Fletchling are not available
Keystraps (J-Prize) - 8$

Sylveon Schedule Stamper - 6$

Pokemon Time/Misc Clearfiles (new) - 10$ each, or buy 2, get one free.

Bath Crayons - 1$

Unopened Orange Gel Pen from the Happy Party Time Promo - 7$

TCG Cards:

1$ Cards:
Sold - Togetic

.50$ Cards:

.15$ Cards:
(the back of a lot of cards is worn, like the example shown below)


Free with TCG purchase. Take as many as you want. Valid until I run out.

New Goods:
7/11 Exclusive Bromides. 5$ each or 2 for 8$

Front (above) Back (below)
Cereal Exclusive heavy cardboard keychain tags - 2.50$ each. Each pops out like seen below. I've popped out Wobbuffet/Meowth as an example. Sold out of the Hawlucha.

x2 Eevee Origami Paper - 4$
16 sheets in total. Price is for a pack.

x1 Super DX Movie 2014 Fennekin. Stands at about 24cm - 20$

I<3Pikachu Raichu Pouch. 20$

Eevee Toyopet watch - 20$ (I'd like to exchange for the Flareon watch, if possible.)

Raichu and Jolteon Friend's Plush w/o tags in worn condition - 10$ each or both for 15$
Amaura MPC w/tag - 15$

Sylveon Pan Offers Starts @ 5$ here. I can ship with or without bread.
Hawlucha Pan Offers Start @ 5$. Pictured is a closed wrapper. Yours will be open and bread removed for easy shipping.
All pan comes with the pan sticker, unopened.
Offers End @ Midnight Aug 24th JST. I have extra bread. 10$ each straight sale.

For anyone who is familar with stamping, specifically the 2012 Eevee Collection stamps! My Espeon was packed weirdly, and while I was unpacking boxes (read, patting my eevees and procrastinating by having an Eevee and Friend's tea party) because I finally have half my place furnished I found it and it's dried up. Has anyone ever refilled a stamp before with ink? I'm unfamilar with the process, but I was wondering if there's anything special I should do with the Eevee collection stamps. My Flareon stamp also could use more ink, because the line is very faint. My question was answered! Thanks! My Espeon now stamps again <3
Tags: eevee, eeveelution, hawlucha, raichu, stamps, sylveon
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