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2 Year Anniversary + Collection Update + Gets + Art Trade Reminder

Hi PKMNcollectors!

As you can probably tell from the title, today is a very special day for me, it's my two year Anniversary on the comm! Yay! Therefore, this is gonna be a long post. XD
Seeing as I missed my first year anniversary, today's is extra special!
So first, I guess I'll do a reintroduction.

My name's Megan and I'm from the United Kingdom. I collect Growlithe and Arcanine, and the Eeveelutions as my main collections whilst my side collections consist of anything that catches my eye. I'm a writer in my free time (school takes up a lot of that haha) and also have a love for art and music. Especially My Chemical Romance who I am still mourning over
I've loved pokemon ever since I was around 5-6 years old and was introduced to it thanks to my older brother. My first game was Pokemon Red and it has become a childhood favorite of mine since then. (Fire trainer forever~)

To start off with, I'll begin with my recent gets:

From Chromapika, I bought this beautiful Pokemon Center Paris sticker:

megans pokemon 220814 006

It's absolutely adorable and with Charizard as a main part of the art (hehe that rhymes) it makes it even better!

Next, I traded with Eeveefruit for this lovely Eevee makeup pouch. I was after a nice pouch (although I don't actually use it for makeup, it's too nice XD) and it keeps my more delicate collection pieces safe and tucked away whilst having a really cute design on the front featuring my favorite Pokémon (excluding my fire pups).

megans pokemon 220814 005

Speaking of fire pups, my next gets are from Swampeh...

megans pokemon 220814 004

Ahh! Semi-Grail alert! Okay, so, these Arcanine and Growlithe Tomy figures have been some huge Semi-Grail wants of mine for a long while so to get both was amazing! And then, the little Growlithe kid figure has been another high priority want of mine! If you can't already imagine, I was having a squeal fest when they arrived...

After those cuties, we move onto another want of mine which I recently acquired was the Pokemon Petit Chespin pencil case! I have been wanting this for school seeing as I'm starting an experienced art class. But even better than that, I also managed to get ahold of the Pokemon Petit Chespin tote bag! Both are MWT and I can't say anything else but that I am in love :3

megans pokemon 220814 007

Aaand that's it for gets! :D
Now, let's move on to the good stuff. Collection update time!

First of all, we'll look at my small (but growing) fire puppy collection! Now, I only recently decided to hardcore collect the pups more than my precious Eevees but I'm very happy with my collection so far.

megans pokemon 220814 001

The cute drawings are my two commissions from CaptainAngel who is a wonderful artist! Her drawings are some of my most prized pieces in my collection.

I'm actually expecting more fire pups in the mail so I shall be posting a little update then as well hopefully. :)

And now, my dear Eevees. Not a huge collection compared to others, but I couldn't be more proud :D

megans pokemon 220814 003

megans pokemon 220814 002

I tend to collect the Eeveelu merch that catches my eye rather than buying everything featuring them which is why my collection is marginally smaller than others.

And again, there is another piece by CaptainAngel :D

Also, just as a reminder, I am still accepting art trades! I absolutely adore every and all custom art of my beloved Growly line so I'm always after some new pieces! I'm also after any Growlithe and Arcanine mercandise! Here's the link to my original page where you can find examples of my work :D I hope we can work something out!

Thank you for reading! I hope to carry on making friends on this community and buying some more pokemon merchandise! :)
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