alvagc122 (alvagc122) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Package Received!!!! Kids, Plushes

Ok I dont know how many of you remember an auction lookpal posted... (did she stopped collecting pokemon?)

Well i bought a buneary but she sent me some free goodies...

OMG!! What is in the egg?

Pokekids!! And free!! wow such a great person!! Thanks Lookpal!!

And another plush??

I love em!!! and oh gosh!! I love the Luxray Pokekid!! and Celebi!!

Pretty bad images... i dont know why..

And i like these ones too but i wouldn't mind selling or trading these... I can accept anything for these well at least a dollar xD i like em but if someone is interested i will sell em or trade them!!

<img width="320" height="214" border="0" alt="" src=" everyone!!
Tags: buneary, butterfree, kids, plush
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