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Long Time No Post! Gets/Collection Update And An Audino Want! :3

It's been a busy summer for this Chu. I've been getting new things, and lurking the community as usual, but i haven't had any time to actually make a post!

I've gotten so many new things lately, that i decided to just go through, reorganize my entire collection, and add all the newbies in. C:

First, here is a photo of a pika statue and i at Nintendo World NYC!
I went a couple weeks ago, and they didn't have very much at all. I expected to get a whole list of things and only ended up with chesnaught and quilladin. A little disappointing, but this pika statue was there and he never fails to bring a smile! :D

First picture's new gets are the I Love Eevee laying plush, chespin pokecen plush and pokedoll, quilladin pokecen plush, chesnaught pokecen plush and pokedoll, pokemoncenter.com special delivery pikachu, Tomy sky shaymin, growlithe canvas, and audino MPC!

Second picture's new gets are the May's bulbasaur, dragonite canvas, banpresto, and pokemon time plushes, raichu friends, pokemon time, and backpack plushes!

Third picture's new gets are the large shinx and luxray plushes, and little Tomy turtwig!

Fourth photo's gets are all of the sylveons! I couldn't resist collecting them!
I had a Tomy Talky sylveon on the way in the mail, but she was supposed to arrive over a month ago and still hasn't. Unfortunately it looks like i won't ever be getting her. :C

Fifth picture's new get is 1:1 fennekin! So big and soft i love her!

Sixth picture's new gets are the Pokecen land shaymin, Banpresto mew, and Groudon and Rayquaza Tomy plushes!

The best get ever!! (I guess you could consider it a small grail of mine) After years of searching for this blankey in Savers and Goodwills, i FINALLY found it! Driving past a yard sale, it caught my eye and i immediately started screaming. Only 5 dollars too! Now to find the matching fitted sheet and pillow cases! :D

An Audino Pokedoll please! I'm not sure on the price i'd be paying for one; so if anyone could let me know i would really appreciate it!
Also, what other Audino plushes are there that are worth getting? I may be interested in those as well!

Thank you all for looking! <3 :D
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