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Grail Sales! Absol I<3Gothic, Goomy Pokecen, Lucario Full Art, Banpresto Postcards, Etc!

Hey everyone! It's me again! So I recently won a huge grail off of Noppin and the opposing bidders ran me up to my very limit. So that means I need to do some sales and collection weeding to compensate! XD I've got A LOT of really cool stuff for sale below the cut including an Absol I <3 Gothic plush, a Goomy Pokecen Pluch, a Furious Fists Full Art Lucario, a Holo Slurpuff Promo, a few Reverse Holo Furious Fists cards, Banpresto Attack Postcards, and a few Type Focus Promotional Items! Sales Rules and lots of pictures below the cut;

Sales permission was granted to me by allinia on 10/27/2012.
Also, here is a link to my feedback page

•I ship from Florida, USA, and I ship worldwide.
•I will ship out most items in bubble mailers or as a simple letter. Flats will be protected with cardboard. If you would like a TRACKING NUMBER please tell me!
•I will try to ship out your item as soon as possible after you pay for it, it may take at least 3 to 5 days. (This depends on my work/class schedule)
•I am ok with haggling but I do research acceptable prices for most of these items.
•I accept Paypal only in USD.
•I will hold an item for you for a maximum of THREE days. If you make no response by then or by any promised prearranged date to pay I will no longer have that item on hold for you.
•If you have any questions about any of my items, such as condition or extra pictures, feel free to ask.
•I will include a couple of freebies (Cards, Stickers, Etc.) and a drawing with your package. Please tell me what Pokémon you would like me to draw for you and include in your package when you ask for a total! Thank you!~

Absol I <3 Gothic Plush: $35
I really like this plush even though I don't collect Absol. He is absolutely beautiful and very well made! His hang tag is in perfect condition!
Goomy Pokecen Plush: $25
I'm pretty sure that how much I paid for him when he came out. Super soft plush and his hang tag is in perfect condition! Bring our lord and savior Goomy into your home today!~ :D
Weavile MPC: $6.00
Chimecho: $6.00
Meowstic Rubber Charms: $10.00 each
Wobbuffet Rubber Charm: $2.00
Chimecho Reflector Keychain: $10.00
Cryogonal Reflector Keychains: $2.00 Each
Dragonite, Dragonair, Dratini, and Charmeleon Postcard: $5.00
Mewtwo and Mew Postcard: $5.00
Nidoking, Rhydon, Onix, Cubone, and Sandslash Postcard: $3.00
Vileplume, Gloom, Oddish, Exeggutor, and Exeggcute Postcard: $5.00
Furious Fists Full Art Lucario: $25 SHIPPED!
Promo Slurpuff: $4.00
Furious Fists Raichu: $2.00
Furious Fists Landorus Reverse Holo: $2.00 (Thunderus is free when you buy Landorus)
Furious Fists Dedenne Reverse Holo: $2.00
Furious Fists Tool Retriever Reverse Holo: FREE with purchase!
Everyone else in this picture: $1.00 Each

Also I have a shipping update! Anyone who has bought something either in my Postcard auction, Card Sales, or Type Focus sales; your package will be shipped out Monday! I've got everything together to send these packages out! Also anybody who buys something from this sales post before midnight on Sunday will also be shipped out on Monday!

Thanks for looking at my sales everyone! It really means a lot to me! I'll be back soon with a collection update, a photostory of a super freaking awesome package from my good friend, and finally my grail gets post when it comes in! Have a wonderful day everyone!
Tags: absol, chimecho, cryogonal, dragonite, goomy, lucario, meowstic, mew, mewtwo, nidoking, vileplume, weavile, wobbuffet
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