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Fruity Poke popsicle and gum

As I went to my local supermarket and expected to find nothing for my colleting heart, I was pleasantly suprised to see these!
Pokemon DP gum with changing pics on top and a really big box of popsicles!

I was walking around the shelves to find some chewingum when I saw the big Palkia pic on the box! I rushed ower to it and of course claimed it as my own XD
I was kinda suprised to find it with the chocolates and not with the items in the colling boxes....


They look really tasty! I don't really want to open the pretty box but I'm not shure if I'll be able not to eat it ^^"
Right now it's colling in my freezer XD


The Pochamma and Naetoru evo pics with gum ^^
When I saw the whole box with gum  I had to have some of them!
Torttera was the first poke I saw and since I know sis likes Naetoru evo I took him for her.
I acctualy had to kneel on the floor (it was on the lowest shelf, practicaly on the ground....) to find Pochamma. The people walking by probably thought I was insane, looking thru those gums like I was obsesed XD

The gum's not very tasty though ^^"

To find some poke items in's like a dream! *happy tears*
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