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Small sales!

As a kid it's pretty safe to say I was enthralled with these vending machine stickers. As a bigger child young adult I still am to a certain extent, but I'm also a little more aware of my financial situation. ^^;

Thus! After weeding through and keeping a few of my favorites (like Ho-oh <3 never did manage to find a Lugia one ;_;) ...

Also a custom sculpture that I keep forgetting to post. n_n;

More under the cut 8D

$1 each!
I ship from Canada, but they're very flat so shipping would be treated as a letter.
(Edit: That's 60 cents to Canada, $1 to the US, and $2 to the UK!)
Paypal only, sorry!
Please also mention in the paypal note which stickers you are buying! :D

I haven't measured them, but they're about 3 inches in either height or width, depending on the sticker.

SOLD: Typhlosion
Hold: Feraligatr

SOLD: Quagsire, Slowking

SOLD: Snubbull, Sentret

Give this little Fimo Hoppip a home! $4, Jolteon Tomy for size reference only.
Tags: cleffa, custom, donphan, elekid, feraligatr, gligar, hoppip, ledyba, quagsire, sales, sentret, slowking, snubbull, typhlosion
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