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Latest gets! Two mini-collections completed + so many Kyogres + more!

Hello everyone! I figured I'd post my latest gets since I've been gathering up lots of stuff.

But before the gets, I would like to show you a custom piggy that I got from remderosier:
2014-08-14 12.57.33
She made him as a partial trade for a 1:1 Zigzagoon plush I made for her, and he's so huge! Since he was too big to fit my small shelves I decided to tie him to my plush net next to the rest of the piggies. She also sent me the white Grumpig sticker you can see at the top right of the picture :D

I'm going to start with the Pokémon x Japanese Design Rayquaza pin that I bought from kitzune:
2014-07-21 14.07.47
Although these are small, the design and details are impressive! I'm glad I managed to get one~

The week after that I got two figures I got from agui_chan's Crystal Clear Kids GA + a Milotic Kid!
2014-07-29 14.13.232014-07-29 14.15.48
Now I've got both normal Blaziken Kids~ I really like how Porygon looks glowing like that.

Next is another Blaziken xxlatiosxx sold to me! This is the European candy figure, which is probably the first Blaziken figure I ever saw, but I never managed to get one until now.
2014-07-29 14.30.00
There he is, standing on my 3DS :>  But!

...These are not the only Blazikens I got since last time I posted... hebilea was selling a ton of figures and other stuff for very cheap and let's just say that I went a bit crazy...
2014-08-19 14.03.24
Fitting all this stuff into such a tiny package deserves an award, look at all those things!

The first thing you'll have noticed is this...
2014-08-19 14.09.32 IMG_50292014-08-19 17.01.00
A pair of Shellos plushies! I got the East Shellos some time ago and when I saw that his cousins were still for sale, I had to get one of them... and fluna_daiyunel decided to get the other Western Shellos, which I'll be giving to her when we meet. It seems like those Dark dragons have decided to travel with Shellos too... Or maybe they think they'll look like a Hydreigon like that, who knows.

And inside one of the Shellos' crown there was something...
2014-08-19 14.05.06IMG_5031
It's a Spoink cup! I've seen those a couple of times and found them cute, so when I saw it again I decided to take it with me. Wish Grumpig had one of those though!

This is the rest of stuff that came from that package... I kind of like flying Pokémon a lot, it seems. And there's also a chicken in there - the biggest I've got so far, in fact! So there's my Blaziken collection including him:
2014-08-19 15.49.26IMG_5028

There was also a huge Kyogre in there which was way bigger than I had expected o:  I got another Kyogre from the Flygon's Lot GA that was hosted by herar, and a Groudon. However, that ground-type lizard is still scared of my Groudon/Kyogre shelf because of this...
IMG_5027 IMG_5039
TOO MANY KYOGRES!! I like Groudon more, I swear! (meanwhile, Rayquaza is chilling on top of them with two Deoxys flying around)
I think I've got enough Kyogres right now, I'm only looking for his Minicot but I would really, REALLY appreciate if I could find the equivalent of those items for Groudon! I've got the exact names and pictures of how they look like in my wants list <3

Together with those weather trio figures I also got something that is surprisingly not a bird, a fighting-type, a piggie or some ancient legend. Unbelievable!
2014-08-25 14.01.11
I've had Meganium and Typhlosion for a while so I thought that competing the trio would be nice, even if I'm not a big Johto fan. So now they're finally together! There you have the Johto starters' pencil toppers~

And finally, I bought a bunch of Hoenn Pokédex Pro cards/stickers from eBay in hopes they had a piggie. Unfortunately they didn't, but I got the weather trio and a couple of Deoxys so I'd say it was worth it c:  However, I'm sure Grumpig has one of those stickers so if you'd like to trade it with me please let me know!

And that's all my gets so far! I'm waiting for something from a GA and also another FromJapan shipment, so I'll update soon.
Meanwhile, I made a small to-trade list since I already have the required 10 feedback, so if somebody has something from my wants list let me know.

Thank you for reading!
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