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Vulpix Collection Photos

I took better pictures of my entire Vulpix collection (except TCG, which I'm still working on, haha!) the other day, and thought I'd share! :) I have all the images under the cut for easy viewing, but you can also view them in the Photobucket album. I put some descriptions in the Photobucket.

Also, here's a question for the community: I just found out the Vulpix was featured on the Christmas 2012 Pokemon Center art (the one with Keldeo) and the Pokemon Little Tales art! O_O I can't believe I missed those. I've decided to just get the clear file for each one, so I have something inexpensive for the collection that features the artwork. I also only got 2 of the pass case/wallets from another promotion earlier this summer, even though Vulpix was on a third type of holder, as well. I figure it's the same art, and I don't really have the same "hardcore" mentality as I do the individual plush or figures. How do you collect items that feature your favorite Pokemon when they're part of art that may be on many items? o.o

Okay, Brock isn't a Vulpix. But he's my favorite character in the anime, and he does own a Vulpix for a while! :D

As always, if you have a Vulpix item that you don't see in my collection here, I'm very interested in it! :D
Tags: collection update, vulpix
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