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Hi guys! I don't post too often and am more of a lurker nowadays so I dunno if anyone even remembers me but I am here today to share my bronzong collection with you all! Its quite a modest collection, but I thought it deserved a post of its own finally!

first things first: Why do you like this pokemon so much? because its cute! I like psychic pokemon, and I find its design and origins interesting. The way it floats around with an eternal / /|◎皿◎|\ \ expression is charming to me and well. I could go on and on about it, buts thats simply the easiest and quickest way of putting it!

Here's the collection in its entirety. I know its not super big but I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of merchandise a somewhat obscure pokemon like bronzong has received. There are some doubles of stuff in here for filler but hey, one can never have too many 'zongs anyway right? :p I don't really collect bronzor, but I'll grab random things of him sometimes because they are family and all

closeup! The white figure to the left is a rare korean eraser figure and my newest addition (its too bad I couldn't photograph it correctly...orz) I'm on the hunt for other color variants of this figure!

the battrio have such neat dynamic poses. but whats that thing towards the back there?

a capsule toy replica of a dōtaku! They are a beautiful work of art. I had to add one of these to my collection since these are what bronzong is based off of, ya know.

flats! amada stickers are so great love the art so much.

and lastly here's a picture of my 3 ufo plush. one travels with me, one stays on the shelf, and one is a beautiful princess

and thats all! thanks for looking! / /|◎皿◎|\ \
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