Maddy (hellgarr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Animeraro order question and wants

I was hoping someone could help me out.
I ordered (well technically pre-ordered) the MPC Charizard plush and the Banpresto movie froakie plush from I went on YahooJapan this morning and saw a bunch of MPC Chars and the froakie plush as well, but on Anime Raro is says that froakie's pre order was for August and Charizard's was for September. I assumed that's when they would be released. Since august is almost over, I thought that anime raro would have sent out the movie plushies already.
I haven't received any info on these guys since the day I ordered them and got the confirmation on my payment processing. I was wondering if anyone else ordered these (or something else from the same line) and has any info on this.

Also, I made a permanent wants post on my Journal, which is here so check it out if you like :3

Thanks in advance for all the help, everyone!!
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