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Gets + Obscure gets - identification help! XD

First, a happy little personal get :D Kuji Charizard pen holder. It really functions as a pen holder, even with the pen being so much taller than the figure! XD;

I've got a few extras of these up for trade~

I had some pretty interesting gets from a recent lot I'll share more about later, but I was wondering if I could get any help identifying these! XD

Honestly the only thing I can fully identify is the McDonald's Reshiram since I already had one. So there's also...
-Croagunk and Pikachu rubbery things? I'm guessing you use some kind of marker that rubs/washes off for coloring fun? XD Maybe not even dry-erase markers though, they're really rubbery.
-Pikachu bottlecap figure? Bottom of cap says year 2012
-Golden Raichu/Blastoise figures?
-A really big Red Genesect toy! It's electronic and has a switch that makes it take a few steps and motion missile launches off its back, still works :O For a moment I thought it was this Transformation figure but it definitely doesn't transform, it's electronic. XD; It's so big and the arms are really flexible! Also has wheels on its feet, and the imprint says TOMY is the maker.
-Trick or Treat Pikachu? Seems to be a coin bank, and the label wrapping has the Coca Cola logo? Some kind of promotion item?

Any more details about these items greatly appreciated! These items are also up for trade since I just won't have the space to keep them around, as nifty as they are XD

Still hunting off my wants list :D
Tags: charizard, genesect, gets, tomy, trading
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