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Sales Update - Plush and More!

Hi everyone! I come to you today with a sales post. It's been quite a while since my last one, and I haven't been following the community as closely as I used I wasn't quite sure how to price some things. As a result, many items will be OBO, and for the rest, I'll be willing to haggle if they don't sell within a week or so.

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.
* I will be shipping from the US by USPS. Prices do not include shipping, packaging materials, or fees. Shipping within the US starts at $3, and thanks to continuous postage hikes, shipping to anywhere else starts at $7.
* I take payment by PayPal for everything, and can also take check/money order payments from people in the US if the total is over $10.
* I won't sell to pkmncollectors' banned members.
* I'm not really looking for trades right now, but would still trade for any Dialga items on my wanted list.
* If you want to cancel a request for an item, that is fine! Just let me know as soon as possible so that I'm not waiting for your payment.
* Many of these are collection duplicates, so please don't freak out if you see me selling Jolteon plush here!

On to the items!

Pokemon 1/1 Size Fennekin Plush
More pictures here, here, and here.

I found the 1/1 Fennekin to be just too big for my collection. Has mostly just been sitting on a shelf or table, so he's in very good condition with all tags attached. He's the Japanese version, but I don't know what the differences are other than the tags.
$40 OBO

Pokemon Mega Can Badges
(Previously) blind-packed Mega badges.
$3 each unless otherwise marked.
Available: Aggron, Tyranitar ($5), Mewtwo Y, Alakazam, Medicham, Gengar ($5), Venusaur, Absol ($8), Gyarados, Charizard Y ($6), Abomasnow, Blastoise.

Pokemon Mega Can Badges
$3 each unless otherwise marked.
Available: Mewtwo X, Houndoom ($6), Gardevoir, Mawile ($8), Manectric ($6), Pinsir, Banette, Blaziken ($5), Heracross, Aerodactyl ($6)

Pokemon Mega Netsuke Straps
Netsuke straps: Gardevoir ($3), Mewtwo X ($3), Ampharos ($4).

Pokemon Mega Netsuke Straps
More Mega Pokemon netsuke. Sorry for the horrible angle here, these two Pokemon didn't want to cooperate with each other.
Charizard Y ($3), Blaziken ($4)

Pokemon Mega Candy Figures
Mega Pokemon Candy Figures (the new Chupa figures): Mewtwo X ($4), Mewtwo Y ($4), Gogoat ($4), Pangoro ($4)

Pokemon Tyrunt Pokedoll
Tyrunt Pokedoll! New with tags, though hang tag may be somewhat creased.

Pokemon Aegislash Zukan
New in package Aegislash zukan, next to the insert for reference. (I'll include the insert too!)
$5 (have multiple)

Pokemon Pyroar Zukan
New in package female Pyroar zukan, next to the insert for reference. (I'll include the insert too!)
$5 (have multiple)

Pokemon Darkrai and Yveltal Figure Keychains
These are gachapon figure keychains from this summer's movie.
$5 each
Available: Yveltal, Darkrai

Pokemon XY Cookie Can Badges
Pokecen cookie can badges, from this summer's "cute Pokemon" set.
Chespin ($5), Froakie ($4)

Pokemon Eevee and evolutions Tretta Discs
Extra photo here.

Eevee evolution set Tretta discs. I kept Jolteon for myself but everyone else is available! Whoever buys one or more of these Tretta can have the box as well if they wish, first come first served.
Available: Eevee ($3), Vaporeon ($5), Flareon ($5), Espeon ($5), Umbreon ($6), Glaceon ($4), Leafeon ($4), Sylveon ($6)

Pokemon Meets Japanese Design Pins

Pokemon meets Japanese design gachapon pins. (I also have a Substitute I'm planning to auction soon!) I have multiples of some of these.
Fletchling ($3), Charizard ($6), Buneary/Bunnelby ($2), Doublade ($3), Magneton ($2)

Pokemon Diancie Promo Tretta
This Diancie Tretta was a bonus with something...Pokemon fan? The movie ticket? I can't remember.

Pokemon Darkrai Movie 17 Promo
I'm pretty sure this Darkrai promo set was given out with admission to this summer's movie.

Pokemon Silhouette Candies
This year's Meiji candies feature silhouettes of various Pokemon.
$1 each: Mawile, Yveltal, Lucario, Xerneas, Wobbuffet

Pokemon AEON Can Badges

Another store still had some stock of these BW can badges, which were exclusive to AEON stores.
$2 each: Tynamo, Frillish, Stoutland, Golett, Elgyem, Yamask

In addition to the new stuff, I've also got some older items from my collection I've decided to put up. In case I forget to mention it for some of them, plush can be assumed to be MWT unless mentioned otherwise.

Pokemon Riolu and Cinccino Pokedolls
Minky Riolu and Cinccino Pokedolls
$20 each

Pokemon Canvas Plush - Ampharos, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Jirachi, Totodile
Canvas plush! Note that this Totodile is the older version, NOT the one that was released at the same time as Bulbasaur and Squirtle.
Available: Bulbasaur ($15), Squirtle ($15), Totodile ($18), Jirachi ($20), Ampharos ($25)

Pokemon Christmas Plate 2013
Shown without box
Pokemon Christmas 2013 Plate with box. Has been displayed, but not eaten off of or anything.

Pokemon Black/White Cheren, N, Protagonists Mug
Top of box showing design
Pokemon Mate mug featuring Cheren, Hilda, Hilbert, and N.

Pokemon Flygon Custom Pokedoll
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Flygon Fleece Custom Pokedoll by glacidea, made a few years ago.

Pokemon Garchomp Custom Pokedoll

Garchomp Minky Custom Pokedoll by f4y3

Pokemon Jolteon Custom Plush
Photo 2
Photo 3

Another custom plush, this time a fleece Jolteon in a crouching pose. I played with this one a bit more than I usually do, so there's some pilling of the fleece. Made by meuniere.

Pokemon Palkia Retsuden Stamps

Some DP Palkia Retsuden stamps! $2 each.
#71, #212, #248, #286

Pokemon Charizard Line 2009 Charms
MIP Charizard/Charmeleon/Charmander 2009 (original) charm set

Pokemon Pokedex Charm Sets

MIP Pokedex charm sets.
Metagross/Metang/Beldum $12
Kingdra/Seadra/Horsea $12
Dragonite/Dragonair/Dratini $15
Raichu/Pikachu/Pichu $12
Luxray/Luxio/Shinx $20
Ampharos $6, Mareep $5 (has been split)

Pokemon Eevee Evolutions Charm Set

MIP Eevee charm sets! I have a few of these.
(For search purposes, this set has Jolteon and Vaporeon in addition to the charms below.)

Pokemon Center Charms

MIP 2-Pokemon sets. Yamask/Cofagrigus are from a Halloween promo and are not Dex charms, but they're basically the same size and make as other PokeCen charms.
Purrloin/Liepard $10
Mienfoo/Mienshao $10
Yamask/Cofagrigus $15

Pokemon Pokedex Charms

These charm sets are incomplete. The backings will be included, except for the Eevees where there are multiple charms; let's just say that the first person to buy one of the Eevee charms gets it if they want it.

Persian ($4), Gligar ($3), Eevee ($5), Flareon ($8), Espeon ($8), Umbreon ($8), Leafeon ($8), Glaceon ($7)


"La Maison de Eievui" postcard set. The black on the right one is textured to give it a nice quality feel.
$10 (set)

Pokemon Meiji Black/White Cookie Tin
Side 1
Side 2

This Meiji tin features lots of different BW Pokemon! See the other pictures for more angles.

Pokemon Conquest Postcard Set
Pokemon Conquest Postcard Set
Detail Closeup

Pokemon+Nobunaga's Ambition/Pokemon Conquest Postcards. The lettering has a glossy gold finish.
Available: Boy+Eevee, Girl+Eevee, Hideyoshi+Infernape, Oichi+Jigglypuff, Kenshin+Mewtwo, Kotaro+Zoroark.
$5 each

That's it for now, thanks for looking!
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