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Package updates!

Good news pkmncollectors--ALL of the packages from the gigantic zukan auction (and the zukan auction I ran before that as well) except one were sent out today! My printer went on the fritz so I actually had to bring all 30+ packages to the post office in a giant box and send them out that way. But yes, expect them fairly soon! Let me know if there are any problems or if you have questions, and I hope they all get there quickly and safely!

The one package that wasn't sent out (either zukan or the last sales post, I'm not sure) was for a Rebecca O_____d (last name censored for privacy reasons)--and that was because I spaced during my packageathon yesterday and wrote everything except your country. Are you in the UK or Canada? Anyway, once we get that squared away your package will be going out with sales post packages sometime between tomorrow and Monday. :D
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