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My Figure Collection

Hi everyone!

So it's been a little while since I've last been here. I said that I would upload pictures of my collection. The truth of the matter is I have all kinds of Pokemon crapola floating around, but I have most of it put away in storage (lack of space, plus I'm moving out for college soon). :'( !!!!!

ANYWAYS, I'm only showing off my TOMY figure collection for right now. In comparison to some other people's collections, mine may not be the most *impressive*.. but I don't care! I've been collecting on and off since I was about 10, and I'm proud of it! I'm strongly biased toward the first generation of Pokemon, since they're the ones who started it all. I'm trying to get all 151! I actually was closer to reaching my goal than I am now. Unfortunately, I lost Tangela, Pidgey, Geodude, Graveler, Gengar, Butterfree, Poliwrath and Ekans... SIIIIIIIIIGH. What a bummer. Hopefully I can find them on eBay again.

...Which reminds me! I finally found Ponyta!!! I just hope I can get my hands on it. Blah blah


All of them, front view..

Side view (excuse the pictures on the wall..)

Other side

I'm sure I don't need to list names.

Ooooh.. I almost forgot. Raichu's my favorite.. so I guess I have to have doubles. :B The one on the right was the first Raichu figure I got. It was a Japanese import (package was in Japanese and everything).. and it came with a master ball. The paint job isn't as nice as the one on the left. Or maybe I'm being nit-picky.

Sorry about the bluriness!

My angry Charmeleon that I didn't include with the group. His right arm and left leg came off in my pocket when
I was 11, so I super glued them both back on, and he's in pretty good condition. The base doesn't sit 100% flat,
though. I'm thinking about getting rid of this one, along with some other doubles I have floating around.
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