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Collection and group buy update

Today I received a package in the mail and FINALLY received my lickitung phone strap charm (3rd times the charm xD)

Anyway figured I do an update on both things together. Also I have a mini sale in here to based on an extra item I received with the phone strap charms.

To start, these are all the items I've received/made since my last collection update. They include: Mr. Fugi TCG card (to finish my TCG collection of cards featuring lickitung and lickilicky), Lickilicky Pokedoll, Lickilicky phone strap charm, Lickitung pompom craft, lickilicky jack-o-lanturn craft, Rare lickitung KFC toy.
Thanks Hack-Benjamin22 and Juumou
I also bought the 10th movie manga which kinda goes with my collection.

Also I started to run out of room to put them, so I framed the various pieces of licki art I've received in the mail.

My collection all together (with other things in the background lol)

So Zachary-sparkle and chatsy, expect your charms in the mail soon (maybe later today or monday). I'm also recycling (reusing old bubble envelopes) to send them since the price of shipping seems to have skyrocketed recently and it should help the cost a bit.

Also apparently the ebay seller sent me an extra charm of time Pony.

If anyone wants it I'm selling it for a $1.50 plus shipping (ask more details if you're interested like price of shipping, shipping methods, payment methods etc..) SOLD
Tags: collection, darkrai, dialga, drifblim, lickilicky, lickitung, sales
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