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Ever since I joined this comm, I've been collecting Pokedolls, but not really any specific Pokemon. I hadn't really thought of it. But I had someone ask me once, "Are you a Gyarados collector?" and my first instinct was to say yes, though I definitely was not ^^;

It struck a chord in me, though. Gyarados is easily my favorite (along with Magikarp, lol), he's the only Poke I've had consistently in almost every game file I've ever played, and I really would like to collect it. I don't have a lot of money, but so far as I can tell, they don't have a whole lot of merch anyways.

So I have a couple of questions for you lovely folk.

1) What sort of gyara/karp stuff is out there? So far I've seen a KFC (or some other fast food place) gyarados plush, the Zukan figure that I want like burning, and of course the Tomy figures. I am particularly interested in plush, but I'd love to know what else is around!

2) Sort of a follow-up, if anyone else happens to have any Gyarados/Magikarp stuff for sale? I can't guarantee I'll buy anything of course, but I am curious :D

Thanks guys!

Edit: Unrelated, but has anyone else noticed the prices of Pokedolls on eBay SKYROCKETING lately? Seriously... $50 for Mew, $50 for not just the rarer, but ANY Eeveelution? A couple of $70 Skitty?! These plush were all in the $30 range as little as a month ago x_X My wallet hurts just thinking of it.
Editx2:I should have mentioned this, but I'm not really into cards. Sometimes I'll pick up the odd card, but not really frequently enough to say I collect them n_n;
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