Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Long needed update/Mini Shining/Star card sale

Hi guys Im still around, just incredibly busy with school work and life u__u I got a few updates for you though, and a small shining/star card sale for you guys to browse.

My newest additions are my DX Lopunny and Luxray I got from Pheonixxfoxx as a partial trade!! She always helps me, and I truly appreciate that. Thank you as always!



Then just because, my Shroomish/Breloom collection. I love these guys they are one of the few pokemon that I like both their original state and evolution the same. My newest addition is the shroomish TFG piece I got from psychicmoonshadow! Thanks!



here are my card sales. These are all in mint condition. I will consider haggling or trades on MERCH (not cards) of the following: Raichu, shroomish/breloom, houndoom/houndour, Suicune, Lopunny, Mightyena/Poochyena, eeveelutions, Lions, shaymin/skymin


Raikou star - 12 dollars

Shining Charizard 1st Edition 30

Shining Mewtwo - 15

Also many of you know I work where they sell the Jakks plush. I know last time shinx came out I sent one to kiraras_lemon. After that we have not gotten in anymore of that series. Im not sure why...but I expect the same for these.

If any of you want a shinx/eevee plush from the upcomming pokeball throw plush set that heerosferret recently posted please let me know. Im NOT doing a pre-order as thats against the rules, but I will get a list and try to get as many as I can for the community. I expect about 4 of each in a shipment.

Thats all :3 Have a great weekend.
Tags: breloom, cards, collection, lopunny, luxray, plush, sales, shroomish
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