torotix (torotix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets and Wants

First of all, hooray! I've pretty much completed my charizard Pokémon time collection! All I needed was the candy tin, and after over a year of searching for one for sale by itself, one finally popped up on eBay for a decent price - in fact it was newly listed and deciding to check was a completely random decision so super lucky for me :D

Here is a picture of everything + charizard pokedoll stuff

Now on to my wants, I would love to do a trade or partial trade if possible:

- 2013 movie banpresto vaporeon UFO plush
- 2010 charizard pokedoll
- heliolisk pokedex charm
- AEON archen can badge

To see the items I have for trade, click here
Tags: charizard, pokedoll, vaporeon
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