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Horsey gets, help ID'ing and my wanted list ^^


I'm a tad late on posting the gets as they arrived earlier this week thanks to the kind at_the_porno and another late post on my new pkmntime ds case I bought from regen right after my last DS met a horrible fate at the hands of the floor leaving it in ruins and me to buy a new one now determined it needed some extra protection =)

Next to my ovbious love for the foxlike pokemon I have a hughe weakspot for horselike pokemon, especially now my own horse suddenly died at the start of august =( I've been filling the void a bit by treating myself to some cute plushies and that's where these cuties came in. So not to make this a whole sad post let's CUT to the chase (sorry about that horrible pun)

Ponyta and Keldeo safely made the trip to Belgium and I guess where shocked to meet my biggest dachshund

photo horesy

And a bit better picture of these cuties

photo 2horsey

And lastely Keldeo showing off how sturdy my new ds case is, it can hold the weight of a tiny horse!

photo 3horsey

Another question for you guys who know stuff a whole lot better than me, is this a play by play Sandshrew or something else? it has no tags so that's no help at all I guess but I took some pictures that hope help...

I'm in doubt what this little fella is, I've looked up the play by play ones and those seem minky'ish in the pictures this one isn't soft and doesn't look to have been... So maybe you guys know more than I found out :)

sandshrew 3

I've also started to put together a wants list, if anyone happens to have any of this and is willing to part with it let me know. I'm located in Belgium and I know shipping isn't cheap so that isn't an issue but I'd prefer ths smalls like figures as a bunch to save on shipping a bit :)


For plushies I don't insist on having hang tags but if they do have them it's a big plus :)
(I found these pictures on the internet but I can't recall who they are from, if you'd want them gone please let me know and I'll remove them instantly)

Well here goes the list:

- Vulpix Canvas (grail)
-Vulpix kid figures and possibly a ninetales aswell :)


-Other vulpix figures I don't own yet :)

-Pokemon Center Keldeo plush (resolute preffered but I'd take a regular form aswell if I can't find a resolute :))


-Keldeo figures/kids

- Talking Sylveon plush


I <3 Eevee Espeon DX


Thanks for reading!
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