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Stuff Mailed (attn: Meowthcollector), Group Buy, Auction, Update, etc.

All packages were mailed except meowthcollector's and anyone that I did not receive payment from until today/late yesterday. Meowth, I must have written the zipcode on your package incorrectly, since when I took it to the post office they were telling me the city was different. Could you just comment with your city and zipcode (or LJ message, if you prefer it), and I'll have it out again? Sorry about that. =/

SMJ has received the plush from the group-buy I did about a week ago, so I should be invoiced shortly! ^_^

I'm also auctioning off a very rare item in my collection.


Yep, that's right - Shiny Charizard kid.

As much as I love this figure - it's so unique and nice - *_*, I'm not a true Char fan, and I'm sure it'd have a better home with someone else.

Auction details are under the cut.

Payments will be paypal only. Shipping will be an additional $2 if you live in the US, and $3 if you live outside of the US. The auction will end this Sunday, the 5th of October at 11PM CST - no bids will be accepted after 10:59PM.)

Starting bid: $22, BIN $50 (I paid a bit more than this for this kid alone.)
- SOLD! Thank you, pheonixxfoxx!

I've updated my sales thread with some more things:
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