DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Shiny Horde is Growing! :D

So lately I've been purchasing cheap extra Entei's for this reason:
Tei's together
Shiny Tei
Regular Tei
New Entei's 1
I also have recently got some new gets on my wants :) the shoe badge from yellow_fr3ak and the finger puppet and crystal tower entei figure from the awesome baconscreation I have another want on the way! I cannot thank you guys enough! It's like every week or so a new want is crossed off! I love this community! <3
New Entei's 2
New Entei's 3
Sprite Entei
And this was made by latias_latios_7 very beautifully done! So I framed it :3 She made me a matching shiny one too but his colors were wrong and it just wasn't...right :c thankfully though she allowed a refund and I returned him to her. But I'm super happy with this Entei :D

To end this post, I got a new kitten!
She's a motor boat! :3
Tags: collection update, entei
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