slowpoketales (slowpoketales) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hello everyone, new member!

hello, my name is brett! I just joined this community yesterday. I'm 26 years old and I'm secretly somewhat of a nerd lol. I used to be into Pokemon when I was younger and first bought pokemon yellow and collected a few pokemon cards.. I have always loved slowpoke, so he's got to be my favourite. my other favorites are snorlax, arcanine, and ditto [first gen ftw! ] I play the older games every now and then for nostalgic purposes and bought Pokemon Y a few weeks ago. I just recently got into pokemon merchandise after looking up slowpoke plushys on google. I found this site through there! my 'collection' is very small - here is a picture..

so far I only have games. but i am hoping to collect a more with the help of this community !

its nice to meet everyone!

(p.s. i'm new to live journal, so i'm sorry if there is an error in this post!)
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