mandamaeh (mandamaeh) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Little update and one question!

Hi community!

I'm sorry about not posting my collection, but school starts soon and I'm back home in a week. And I've got A LOT to update! I'm visiting my boyfriend for four weeks and came here with like three plushes and will leave with more than... 15? :D I hope the little cuties don't get hurt on my way back home. D: Oh, btw: when I'm back home some new friends are waiting for me, too! a.e. an UFO Roserade plush from 2010 <3 or the Pansage Doll I bought from iconraven (thanks again! :3) So yeah, it'll be a BIG update.

And the question... I'm planning on collecting some ghosts, especially the Pumpkaboo line and Banette. Unfortunately the I<3Gothic Banette from eBay I bought more than a month ago got lost during shipping, I assume. I got full refund, so I don't worry, but my absolute grail has to wait. ;_; So my question is: Is there someone here who feels like selling his I<3Gothic Banette plush? It should be in good condition, not MWT if that's not possible, but the fabric should be fine. I would pay around 50$ including shipping since that's the price I had to pay on eBay, but only for one in very good shape.

// edit: same thing with the Rotom-Wash Pokedoll please! Any offer would be great :)

Happy collecting and thanks helping me (and Banette) out! :)
Tags: banette, plush
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