neosquid (neosquid) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reintroduction and whatever

Sup. I made an intro thread or somefin a whole ago, I think it was a few years ago or some shit. I honestly do not give enough of a shit to go read it and I'm sure it was terrible anyway. But whatever.

I'm Neosquid, and I am a Pokeholic. Firstly, I am rather obsessed with the games. I started with Pokemon Gold and have been a fan since, I know a lot about competitive Pokemon but I hardly ever play it because Karenism, among other things. My favorite Pokemon is Sableye, followed closely by stuff such as Sharpedo, Diggersby, Stunfisk, Gourgest, Diancie, Omastar, Hydreigon, Swalot, Mawile, Magcargo and etc.

I am also obsessed with Pokemon merchandise, which should really be no fucking surprise considering I have an account here and am bothering to post this re-introduction thread. In particular I'm a fan of plushies (I have somefin like 75 atm), but I collect other stuff too, like figures.

If you post/lurk on the Bulbagarden Forums you might recognize me as the most fabulous moderator there. I have a thread on said forums where I have my entire collection posted. Here it is, if you wish to view said collection:

If I said I would be active in my last intro thread, then I was lying or somefin, but my interest in merch has been picking up and I think I will actually try to be at least somewhat active on here.
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