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Notices and Want To Buy

Hey! As I've sent out bell keychains last week, everyone should be getting or have received them by now. If you'd like to leave me feedback, my thread is right here, and if you do (or have previously left me feedback and I missed it) please let me know and I'll return the gesture. Also, if anyone has tried to get in contact with me through the community, I apologize- I've been sick as well as feeling a bit detached from the community and collecting in general as of late, and as such I believe I may have missed anything due to simply not paying a whole lot of attention. (Also, if anyone's tried to get in contact with me via my paypal address, zaku_no_da, I don't actually check the mail going to that address at all so please get in touch with me via methods shown on the community contact list.)

I'm still expecting a few incoming packages, but once everything gets here I'll finally make a collection update, starting with my Quilavas and my bird army. ♥

Also, despite my slowdown on collecting, there's still a few things I'm actively looking for: Anyone got SKARMORY ZUKAN (the only non-Lugia/Ho-oh bird zukan I need to complete my collection for now ;-;), the Burger King Quilava GBC toy, or Pokekids of Togetic, Togekiss, or Raikou up for sale or trade? (Additionally, the Toge-birds are the only kids I need to have one of each bird in kids form~) I won't be able to buy much at this very moment, but soon I should be able to and I still have plenty of bell keychains left over from the huge group auction (including Mew, Lapras, Charizard, and several starters in general). I told myself if I ever completely cease buying Pokemon stuff, I at least want to complete my goal of having as much of the birds in zukan and kids form as humanly possible (Unfortunately, huge Lugia and Ho-oh zukan do not fall under "humanly possible" ;A;).

And so this post isn't completely boring...

Some of the kids I've gotten recently! Linoone, Natu, and Delibird (along with the ADORABLE package art <3) are from randomflavor while Taillow came in a package I bought from stargirlshine a while back, but I thought it was appropriate to include because I now have all of the Taillow/Swellow kids! (Unless you want to count clear Swellow, which I don't even know if it exists. XD) Linoone's another pokekid that's escaped my grasp for many months, but I'm very happy to finally have it. <3 (Now if only I could find the bootleg Linoone figures I've been wanting to paint, I could post a picture of my mini Linoone collective!)
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