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Thank You's!/Pokemon Battle Revolution

Hello Everyone!

i am here again to post pretty much what i posted last time......thank you to people who i traded with/bought from and i forgot who they where...... this should be the last time i do this, because now i am keeping track of who i buy from/trade with in a notebook.

yesterday i received my Growlithe kid and my Mantyke BK plush toy. THANK YOU so much to both people i got them from. they arrived safe and sound. if you let me know who you are, i will leave feedback. and if you want, you can leave feedback for me:

also, on another topic, i have been playing Battle Revolution lately and actually have battled people online! i was shocked to find some people on there wanting to battle. most don't seem to use legendaries, but i have come across a few that use ALL legendaries.....yeah....when they come up, i am like, "you already won, why should we battle!?" i don't use legendaries when i go online. i would rather use pokemon i have raised. that is just me. anyway, i remember a few people posing here they wanted friends for their friend roster. so i thought i would post my FC. reply if you want exchange FC.

FC: 4253-0565-7386

have a great day/night everyone! :D
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