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Clear out sales NOW CLOSED!

Ok so ive started to expand my collections and instead of collection just two pokemon im now collecting five and trainer N as well as some other randome stuff. my bank account is suffering and i have decided if i want to buy more pokemon stuff i have to sell some stuff first so i have been super crule on myself and decided to get rid of most of my stuff other than the few pokemon i collect (ok that a bit of a lie, im keeping a lot of non-related pokemon stuff but i have been tough on myself)
I will except trades of most jirachi, bellossom,vivillon,chattot, falbee or N items or cutoms (love cutoms).
Im unsure on prices so im leaving this for offers i will leave a coment at the bottom and you can leave your corasponing offers there (like an auction) I will leave ALL items open for offers until there are no more offers for at least 24 hours
Ok so on to the sales

photo 10Scan 10photo 15photo 13

Granted sales permission on Monday, September 3 byrachelled



I ship from the United Kingdom
I will ship internationally
I only accept Paypal
I will not sell to members banned from pkmncollectors
I might trade for jirachi items but it is unlikely
I will only hold items for 24 hours.
Please just ask for shipping quotes. Shipping from the UK is NOT cheap so find out the postage before you commit to buy.
Please include your country when asking for a quote
Please do not back out of sales once you've committed to buying!
I am not responsible for packages once I've shipped them.Though for a fee you can get insurance.
All items come from a smoke-free I have a cat but she never comes in contact with my items
Offers end when comments have died down (eg. 1:1 eevee has 24 hours of no further offers I will end item)
If you make an offer on an item and for extreme reasons you have to pull out, speak to me first.( please don't take advantage)
REASONABLE haggling is welcome

Ok so here they are:
1:1 Eevee 2013 good condition with tag (tag is bent, look in pic) Offers start $30
photo 2photo 1
Bootie Kyoger Good condition offers start $8
photo 3
Talking Togepi (button in hand dosnt work but when he is moves he talks.) offers start $4
photo 4
PIkachu DX FUZZY Banpresto plush, tush only tag offers start $20
photo 6
Tomy Umbreon fig offers start $1
Small Umbreon fig offers start $1
Tomy Glaceon fig offers start $1
Pikachu fig offers start $0.20
photo 7
I <3 Marine Manaphy plush 27cm only tush tag offers start $20
photo 9
Recall Tomy Charizard plush offers start $60
photo 10
Aipom canvas plush NO tags at all (shown in pic) offers start $30
Cherrim canvas plush NO tags at all (shown in pic) offers start $20
Pachirisu canvas plush only tush tag offers start $20
photo 11
Osaka pokemon center pikachu tags atached Offers start $15
Elmonga canvas plush with tags offers start $15
Pichu canvas plush with tags offers start $15
photo 14
Growlithe canvas plush with tags offer start $45
Riachu canvas plush with tags offers start $45
Dragonite canvas plush with tag (tag has damage see pic) offers start $35
photo 13photo 12
Audino canvas plush with tags offers start $20
Darumaka canvas plush with tags offers start $20
Buneary canvas plush only tush tag offers start $20
photo 17
Mespirit canvas with tags offers start $30
Uxie canvas with tags offers start $30
Azelf canvas with tags offers start $30
photo 22
Charizard pokedoll 2012 with tags offers start $20
Litleo pokedoll with tags offers start $15
Ho-oh pokedoll 2005 tush tag only offers start $15
photo 15
TY Pansage plush with tag offer start $1
TY Snivy plush with tag offers start $1
Pikachu plush that I customised offers start $1
photo 16
Hasbro mudkip beanie plush offers start $1
Hasbro Minun beanie plush offers start $1
Tomy Snubbull Kutakuta with tag offers start $10
photo 18
Fuzzy Tomy Celfairy plush with tush tag offers start $5
Celfairy Nintendo plush offers start $1
photo 19
Braviary Banpresto plush offers start $1
Rufflet Banpresto plush offers start $1
photo 20
Inkay pokemon center plush with tags offers start $5
Inkay keychain with tags offers start $3
photo 21
Straight sales
(no offer here the price is what it will sell for)
The clear cards bellow are all $8
Scan 10Scan 11
The clear cards bellow here are all $4
Scan 5
Scan 8

ALL items bellow this point $1 each
Japanese Rufflet card
Rufflet card
Rufflet sticker
Braviary sticker (circle background)
Braviary sticker (orange background)
Scan 17
Murkrow sticker
Honchkrow Sticker 495
Honchkrow Sticker 773
Honchkrow Sticker 219 (X3)
Shiny Honchkrow Sticker 209
Shiny Honchkrow Sticker 279
Honchkrow Sticker 1109
Scan 18
Honchkrow disk (Infernape is on the other side)
Honchkrow 431 sticker
Honchkrow pink background card
Honchkrow holograpic card 083
Honchkrow dark card
Random Honchkrow sticker
Scan 19
Murkrow sticker 248
Murkrow sticker 971
Murkrow sticker 063
Murkrow card no.198 (with caterpie)
Murkrow card no.014 (with munchlax)
Murkrow card no.042 (with riolu)
Scan 20
i might add more soon
please wait for my to but the comments up so you ca reply with your offers

Tags: aipom, charizard, dragonite, eevee, emolga, growlithe, ho-oh, honchkrow, manaphy, mudkip, murkrow, pichu, pikachu, raichu, riolu, snubbull, togepi
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